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Since making his debut on the popular reality series Made In Chelsea, Sam has gone from a reality TV star to a leading social media influencer and lifestyle vlogger. Amassing over a million followers across his social media platforms, Sam has won the nation over with his bubbly and energetic character.

During his appearance on Made In Chelsea, Sam quickly gained the liking of thousands of viewers due to his buoyant, animated and comedic personality. Admired for his humour, the star went on to express his bouncy personality online, where he frequently posts entertaining content for the enjoyment of his following. Despite his departure from the show, Sam has outstretched his popularity and has established a strong social media following; even launching his own YouTube channel where he posts, Q&As, gym and fitness vlogs, grooming tips and entertaining challenges.

Keeping in touch with the reality television scene, Sam often features fellow influencers such as Pete Wicks and Jack Fincham throughout his Instagram as he keeps fans up to date with what him and his friends get up to. Collaborating with nationally renowned celebrities such as Gemma Collins in featuring them in his videos, he gains the attention of many viewers who are fans of both influencers. He has worked alongside Pete Wicks in collaborating with brands such as JustEat, delivering promotional content to his followers and using their entertaining ‘bromance’ image to create engaging marketing strategies. The light-hearted nature of Sam’s content enables him to incorporate humour into his sponsored posts, keeping fans amused and willing to support the influencer’s projects and partnerships.

His further collaborations include working with the likes of Chiquito, SmartWater, McDonalds, and more. He supports each brand through endorsing their products and services on his social media; whilst completing a Veganuary diet challenge, he took the opportunity to promote TGIF’s vegan products through sponsored posts.

Sam effectively utilised his strong social media presence to speak up about topics that affect his followers’ demographic. He has participated in entertaining and informative discussions with co-producers of popular Netflix show Sex Education to talk about sexual health and break the myths surrounding sex and relationships. In addition to this, he has been involved with charity events such as doing campaigns and engaging in projects for Stand Up 2 Cancer UK. The continuous versatility in Sam’s work makes him an ideal partner for any business or brand that wants to target his audience, whether it be food, television, travel, charity or lifestyle.

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Influencer Partnerships
Just Eat

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