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Charlie Frederick is a top reality television star as well as a fashion, fitness, travel and lifestyle influencer. The former Love Island contestant has managed to rack up over 300k fans online and maintained a dedicated fan base since his departure from the show. Now pursuing his interests in professional modelling, fitness and travelling, he engages his fans through documenting his travels and fitness routines throughout his popular digital channels.

Charlie is mostly recognised as a model as well as an all-round social media influencer. He has worked with an array of modelling agencies, including the likes of Nevs Modelling Agency, M4 Models and J’adore Models, whose work he regularly shares on his social media pages. He works with fashion brands such as His Column through promoting their products on his social media, providing fans with discount codes and exclusive deals.

As a keen fitness enthusiast, Charlie regularly shares fitness related content on his Instagram page. He often shares his gym routines as well as documenting his sports adventures and surfing experiences. His interest in fitness and health has allowed the influencer to collaborate with brands such as Boohoo Man in promoting their activewear range. As well as this, he frequently shares fitness videos where he endorses the brand whilst giving personal fitness tips and tutorials with fans whilst endorsing the brand.

Aside from fitness, he endorses mental and physical health by promoting CBD products through sponsored content across his channels. He takes to Instagram to announce his collaboration with Pure CBD Extracts UK, promoting the anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving qualities within their products.

As he ventures out to pursue his intercontinental adventures, the keen traveller updates fans on his travels around the globe, posting pictures of Bali beaches and scenic landscapes of the Canary Islands. His influence and passion for seeing the world has attracted brands like Bintang Beer and The Yacht Week in sponsoring the influencer as he uploads promotional content for followers.

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