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About Cody Simpson...

Cody Simpson is an Australian singer, songwriter as well as a dancer and model. As someone who is lucky to have so many talents, Cody has quickly risen to fame and soon became an internet sensation. His journey to fame began when he started posting videos on YouTube, covering famous songs by artists such as Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake. Since then, Cody has gone on to achieve huge successes in his career.

From recording songs in the comfort of his bedroom, Cody Simpson went on to play his music live on stage. For example, Cody toured with Canadian pop star Justin Beiber in his Belieber Tour at only 16 years of age! As if this achievement wasn’t impressive enough, he also collaborated with Flo Rida on his hit single iYiYi that was released in 2010.

No stranger to the limelight, Cody Simpson continued his success as an artist and went on to win the first season of The Masked Singer (Australia) back in 2018. Cody’ passion (and natural talent) for the arts stems further than just music, as he also portrayed the lead role of Dmitry in the Broadway musical Anastasia from November 2018 through April 2019.

Not only is Cody amazing at singing, acting and modelling, but he is also a very talented swimmer, winning two gold medals at the 2009 Queensland Swimming Championships. Is there anything Cody can’t do?

From releasing solo tracks to taking part in various modelling shoots, Cody’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

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