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After receiving wide recognition from his appearance in hit reality TV series Made in Chelsea, Alex Mytton has established his status as a celebrity influencer by creating a large presence within the online world and gaining thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Since his first appearance on television, Alex has moved on to focus on his career as a DJ and electronic musician. He frequently utilises his online following to promote his music and events, sharing festivals and performances around the world. He has also launched his own Soundcloud page where he released his music and continues to expand his following through multiple social media and music platforms.

As he continues to documents aspects of his personal and professional life across social media, he continues to collaborate with multiple brands and companies. With his clear passion for music, Alex was unsurprisingly chosen as the perfect partner for the likes of Spotify, a hugely successful music app. Helping the brand to reach a global audience, Alex was involved in promote their student deals and offers on membership.

Alongside promoting his music and working with music-related companies, Alex has also become a reputable lifestyle influencer. He has collaborated with Baileys in promoting the launch of their new treat bar in Covent Garden, London. Using Instagram as his primary platform for collaborative work and brand advocacy, he advertises the opening of the new Baileys bar through a series of sponsored posts, showcasing the delicious array of milkshakes and beverages on offer or available for purchase.

He engages followers when incorporating humour and entertainment in his sponsored posts, having a ‘Shake-Off’ on his social media with fellow celebrity influencer and entrepreneur Jamie Laing. Throughout his social media posts, Alex aims to appeal to his followers with his content whilst pursuing his partnership endeavours and advocating for brands.

On top of this, Alex expresses his love for travelling throughout his Instagram posts as he takes on several adventure trips throughout Africa and Europe. This makes him an all-round influencer who is a suitable match for different brands in a variety of industries.

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