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Famous for her appearance on the popular reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, this celebrity influencer has made her way from being a television star to a self-made entrepreneur. Since appearing on the show, Danielle collaborated with several popular fashion and lifestyle brands before eventually launching her own fashion company, Danni Boutique.

Created in 2014, the family business Danni Boutique opened in Hornchurch, Essex, and has proven to be a huge success since its onset. Offering a range of fashionable clothing items and accessories, her collection appeals to both young and middle ages women at an affordable price. Danielle eagerly promotes her brand on her social media platforms, relying primarily on Instagram to showcase newly released products and best sellers, as well as updates on deals and discounts.

Alongside her independent entrepreneurial endeavours, Danielle also takes part in paid partnerships with various different brands and companies. With over 1.1million followers on Instagram alone, she has been the perfect choice for many leading and smaller brands. Having both continuous collaborations as well as one-off sponsorships, she diverges from sticking to only fashion and beauty companies by extending her partnerships to other industries. She frequently collaborates with nationally renowned watch company Daniel Wellington, promoting different deals and gift codes during festive seasons as well as promotional offers using her own discount code. Dissimilar to this, she has a paid partnership with digital app Cheerz, promoting a multitude of personalised gifts and photo canvases.

By engaging with such different brands, Danielle is able to broaden her entrepreneurial scope, promoting a large array of products to her increasing fanbase. In this way, her followers can rely on the influencer to provide them with offers ranging from clothing deals, accessory discounts and personal gifts for family and friends. In addition to this, Danielle has collaborated with L’Couture in promoting gym wear and fashionable fitness outfits, making her an all-round influencer whose projects diverge into various industries.

Danielle’s further collaborations include digital company USE UK and Soul Candles, with whom she has secured a paid partnership and showcases items on Instagram. Going back to her fashion and beauty roots, Danielle is a supporter and partner of Bahimi beachwear, as shown by her frequent Instagram posts where she displays herself wearing various items and recommending them to fans. Her extensive entrepreneurial experience as well as her dedication to collaborate with different brands makes her an ideal partner for new campaigns or business deals.

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