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About Alfie...

Alfie Deyes is an English YouTuber, author and vlogger behind the wildly popular YouTube channel, PointlessBlog. As one of the first vloggers on YouTube, he has a dedicated fan base and experience in how to communicate with the digital audience.

Alfie started his YouTube channel in 2009 with short vlogs on his daily life. These early vlogs won him a tight-knit community who kept coming back to hear about Alfie’s day. His hilarious thoughts and ideas soon saw him earn thousands of views and he started adding challenges and reaction videos to his repertoire. Several years later and he has amassed over 5.3 million subscribers and 491 million total views.

Alfie is a popular figure within the YouTube community and he has worked with some of YouTube’s biggest names including Tyler Oakley, Joe Sugg, Pewdiepie and Zoella. He regularly challenges these names to hilarious competitions with surprising results. His relationship with Zoella has also given the couple a celebrity status and they keep their fans up to date with Q&As and relationship games.

Alfie’s Instagram page goes by the same name as his YouTube channel, PointlessBlog, and is full of interesting snaps to keep his fans entertained. A combination of streetwear photos, couple selfies, travel shots and sponsored posts make up this rich tapestry and keep his 4.5 million followers coming back for more. His page has seen him work with the likes of Nutella, Sugg Life and PB Merch. These leading brands have seen huge success with Alfie at the helm as his down-to-earth nature and authentic relationship with his audience has given him unique insight into what it takes for brands to appeal to the modern digital audience.

Alfie has also found fame and fortune as an author with his debut book The Pointless Book. The book contains an assortment of fun and challenging tasks such as creating a time capsule or baking a cake of mud. The book went on to become Times of London bestseller and sold over 30,000 copies in its first two weeks.

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