Business influencers have become increasingly pivotal in shaping consumer perceptions and decisions. With 72% of consumers reporting an increased trust in influencers, their role in marketing is undeniable. In an era where an estimated 4.9 billion people are active on social media, leveraging influencers can significantly amplify a brand's reach and credibility. They not only inspire audiences with their success stories but also impart essential lessons for business success, making them invaluable assets in modern marketing strategies. 

Why Hire a Business Influencer for Your Campaign? 

Hiring a business influencer for a marketing campaign offers numerous benefits. Influencers possess a deep understanding of their followers, enabling them to deliver your message effectively to a dedicated audience. They drive organic traffic to your platforms, enhancing SEO rankings through quality backlinks. They can also create engaging content, boosting your brand's credibility and visibility. Moreover, influencers generate potential leads and establish connections, which is especially beneficial for small businesses. Their trusted status among followers lends authenticity and effectiveness to your marketing efforts, making them a valuable asset in achieving campaign goals. 

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How Can I Hire a Business Influencer? 

At Influencer Matchmaker, hiring a business influencer tailored to your brand is straightforward. Focus on finding an influencer whose audience demographic, engagement rate, content style, and authenticity align with your brand's values and business goals. Once you define your campaign's requirements, contact one of our matchmakers at 0203 9580 427 or fill out our online contact form. This will initiate your journey towards a fruitful partnership with a business influencer, driving your brand's success. 

Who are the Top 25 Business Influencers to Hire & Follow in 2024?

Timothy Armoo

Timothy Armoo is a prodigious figure in the business influencing arena, renowned for his leadership at Fanbytes, the world’s premier influencer marketing agency. His journey, starting at 14, is marked by ventures like Alpha Tutoring and EntrepreneurExpress, displaying his innate business acumen. His success garnered him accolades like Forbes 30 Under 30 and Huffington Post Entrepreneur of the Year, whilst also allowing him to engage audiences at BBC, Business Insider, and TEDx.

Piers Linney

Piers Linney stands out as an eminent business influencer, celebrated for his participation as a Dragon on BBC Two's Dragon’s Den and his substantial impact on business development. His extensive background encompasses roles in accounting, law, investment banking, and as an entrepreneur, shaping him into a well-rounded business authority on a global scale. He spearheads the #ScaleUp initiative, comprising talks and workshops aimed at mentoring emerging entrepreneurs on the intricacies of launching and expanding a business. Piers' combined efforts in these areas have firmly established him as a pivotal business mentor and a notable figure in the media.

Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills, a British food writer and entrepreneur, has emerged as a prominent vegan, food, and lifestyle influencer with her brand, Deliciously Ella. Her journey started at 21 with a diagnosis of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, leading her to adopt a wholefood, plant-based diet. This transformative experience not only improved her health but also inspired her to start her blog in 2012, filling a gap in the market for tasty, plant-based recipes. Ella's commitment to sharing her lifestyle gained immense popularity, resulting in a top food and drink app in the UK and several best-selling books.

Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley stands out as a top business influencer due to her remarkable fusion of fashion, beauty, and business savvy. Her journey from an Oxford student to London's Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 showcases her exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. Through her successful ventures TALA and Shreddy, she champions sustainable fashion and fitness. Beyond business, her GraceFitUK persona has amassed a vast online following, providing valuable insights into fitness and veganism. This influence has catalysed collaborations with major brands and earned her a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, solidifying her status as a leading figure to hire and follow.

Molly-Mae Hague

Molly-Mae Hague is not just a renowned celebrity but a dynamic business influencer who has adeptly harnessed her fame for entrepreneurial success. Rising from her breakout appearance on Love Island in 2019, she quickly evolved into one of the UK's most influential personalities, blending lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and travel into a compelling social media presence. As Pretty Little Thing’s former creative director and the founder of her vegan, cruelty-free brand, Filter By Molly-Mae, she exemplifies the power of leveraging media influence in business. 

Karren Brady

Karren Brady, distinguished as one of Britain's 100 Most Powerful Women, is an exemplary business influencer. Her ground-breaking ascent to becoming the youngest Managing Director of a UK plc and her transformative role at West Ham United showcase her extraordinary leadership skills. A mentor on BBC's 'The Apprentice' and a fervent advocate for women in business, Karren not only inspires but actively shapes the future of aspiring entrepreneurs. Her profound insights and relentless drive make her an invaluable asset for both guidance and inspiration in the business world.

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett celebrated as a top-tier entrepreneur in Europe, epitomises success in the digital age. His innovative social media marketing agency, Social Chain, showcases his exceptional business and digital skills. As a multifaceted influencer, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host, Steven continually inspires with his achievements, including taking Social Chain public at 27, boosting its value to over $600 million. His recent venture into Dragon's Den as the youngest participant further cements his status as a leading business influencer, particularly for aspiring BAME entrepreneurs.

Steven Hewitt

Steven Hewitt stands out as a top business influencer, having spearheaded Gymshark's rise to a billion-pound 'unicorn' status. His journey from an advisor in 2014 to CEO in 2017 showcases his strategic prowess. Under his leadership, Gymshark expanded globally across 178 countries, exemplifying his ability to scale businesses effectively. His insights and achievements make him an essential figure to hire and follow for anyone interested in business success.

Chris Barton

Chris Barton stands out as a top business influencer due to his visionary entrepreneurship and impactful leadership in tech. Founding Shazam, he revolutionised music interaction, leading to over two billion downloads and a $400 million acquisition by Apple. His roles at Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox, and his innovative venture, Guard Inc., further showcase his influential contributions and pioneering spirit in leveraging AI for diverse applications. His track record makes him an exemplary figure to hire and follow for insights into business and technology.

Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle stands as a preeminent business influencer, drawing on his extensive experience as Disney's former Head of Innovation and Creativity. His company, Ideate, positions him at the forefront of innovation, delivering impactful keynotes and consultancy. As a Yale Professor and TED speaker, his expertise in creativity resonates across various industries, making him a must-follow for those seeking to ignite innovation in their endeavours.

Alex Partridge

Alex Partridge, a prominent business influencer and founder of social media giants UNILAD and LADBible, is a force in the digital world. With a global following of 100 million, his innovative approach to media and communication is undeniable. Alex's journey now focuses on mental health advocacy, using his influence to support and build communities through his podcast, 'ADHD Chatter'. His resilience and dedication make him a top influencer to hire and follow.

Dave Fishwick

David Fishwick stands out as a top business influencer due to his remarkable journey from a construction worker to the UK's largest minibus supplier and founder of Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd. His response to the 2008 financial crisis, offering fair loans and competitive interest rates, showcases his commitment to ethical banking. Additionally, his media appearances and bestselling book demonstrate his ability to convey influential business strategies and financial insights, making him an essential figure to hire and follow for anyone interested in responsible and innovative business practices.

Angellica Bell

Angellica Bell, with her remarkable two-decade career at the BBC, has become a key business influencer. Her transition from a children's TV presenter to a distinguished media personality demonstrates her adaptability and appeal to a wide audience. Her versatility in television and radio, and her ability to resonate with diverse groups, make her an ideal figure to follow and hire in the business sphere. Her journey reflects not just a presenter's role but that of a dynamic and influential business persona.

Holly Tucker

Holly Tucker MBE is a distinguished business influencer, renowned for her entrepreneurial zeal and dedication to small businesses. As the founder of Not On The High Street and Holly & Co, she's a visionary in innovation, driving small business growth. Her role as the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses and achievements like The Google Award for Women in Digital, coupled with her MBE honour, underscore her influence. Holly's expertise makes her an invaluable asset for transformative strategies and insights at corporate events, marking her as a top influencer to hire and follow.

Mary Portas

Mary Portas stands out as a top business influencer due to her transformative impact on the retail industry. From her humble beginnings on the shop floor to shaping experiences for prestigious brands like Swarovski and Mercedes-Benz through Portas Agency Ltd, she demonstrates remarkable insight and innovation. Her significant contributions include revolutionising Harrods' window displays and hosting Mary Queen of the High Street on BBC. As a prolific author, her books serve as masterclasses in retail. Notably, her work with the UK government to rejuvenate high streets and her advocacy for the LGBT community showcase her influence and commitment to broader societal change.

Alex Polizzi

Alex Polizzi stands out as a top business influencer, especially in the hospitality sector. Her extensive education at Oxford and hands-on training at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong have propelled her to the forefront of hotel management. Her pivotal role in the show 'The Hotel Inspector' not only showcases her profound expertise but also highlights her family's esteemed legacy in the industry. Her successful ventures at Hotel Tresanton and Endsleigh, alongside her mother, further demonstrate her capability to rejuvenate hotel chains. Alex's public presence, amplified by her television appearances, renders her an exemplary figure and a beacon of guidance for those aspiring to thrive in hospitality.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin stands as a paramount business influencer, meriting attention and engagement. His transformative impact on marketing and business innovation is evident through 14 international bestsellers, providing indispensable insights into marketing and business growth. A visionary, his leadership in pioneering digital ventures like Yoyodyne and Squidoo, combined with his accolade as 'Entrepreneur for the Information Age', underscores his foresight and expertise. Seth's dedication to societal betterment, as seen in the Carbon Almanac project, further enhances his stature, making him an essential figure for those seeking to excel in the evolving business landscape.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington stands out as a top business influencer to hire and follow due to her transformative impact on the business landscape. She extends beyond traditional success metrics, advocating for personal well-being and challenging the pervasive burnout culture. Her journey from founding The Huffington Post to her pioneering work in workplace wellness, as exemplified in her book 'Thrive' and her TED Talk on sleep, marks her as a visionary leader. Her unique perspective redefines success, making her an invaluable guide for entrepreneurs globally.

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, acclaimed as one of the top business influencers, is renowned for his transformative insights into personal and business development. His exceptional status is affirmed by his ranking in the Thinkers50 and his title as the best motivational speaker by Global Gurus in 2021. Simon's TED talks, particularly the second most-watched 'Why Great Leaders Inspire Action,' and his impactful return with 'Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe,' highlight his ability to inspire deep introspection and innovative strategies, making him an indispensable figure in the realm of leadership and motivational speaking.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki, celebrated for his influential role in the tech industry, especially as Apple's evangelist during the Macintosh era, is a top business influencer worth following. His innovative approach to technology evangelism transformed product marketing, a legacy he continues at Canva. His insights, further shared in his acclaimed TED Talk on The Art of Innovation, make him an invaluable resource for understanding and navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Holly Branson

Holly Branson stands out as a top business influencer due to her unique blend of medical knowledge and dedication to social and environmental causes. As Chief Purpose and Vision Officer at Virgin, she pioneers responsible, innovative business strategies. Her leadership at Virgin Unite and Big Change, along with her co-authored bestseller, WEconomy, showcases her commitment to harmonising financial success with social impact, making her an exemplary figure to hire and follow for those aspiring to make a meaningful difference in the business world.

Ben Francis

Ben Francis, the founder of Gymshark, is an exemplary business influencer worth hiring and following. His ascent from a passionate gym enthusiast to a pioneering entrepreneur highlights his exceptional adaptability and perseverance. Ben's unique blend of technology and fitness passions resulted in the creation of two successful fitness-based iPhone apps, setting the stage for his entrepreneurial triumph with Gymshark. His skill in merging personal interests with cutting-edge business strategies has propelled Gymshark to remarkable heights, positioning him as a formidable and influential figure in the business landscape.

James Caan

James Caan stands out as a top business influencer, renowned for elevating the service industry as CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw since 2004. His distinguished journey, from founding Alexander Mann to his impactful role on Dragons' Den, showcases his dedication to business excellence. James' significant contributions, including pivotal roles in The Government Entrepreneur’s Forum and the Start-Up Loans initiative, have garnered him prestigious accolades like the 2013 Chairman of the Year at the International Business Awards and a CBE in 2015, cementing his status as a leading corporate figure to hire and follow.

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis CBE, founder of, is a leading business influencer in the UK, commanding a substantial following with over 8 million weekly email subscribers. His prime-time ITV series, 'The Martin Lewis Money Show,' and frequent appearances on 'Good Morning Britain' and 'This Morning' amplify his reach. His insightful financial advice, consumer advocacy, and the consistent ranking of his podcast among the UK's top 50 make him an invaluable resource for practical money-saving tips and financial wisdom. This blend of expertise and accessibility positions him as a top influencer to hire and follow for valuable business insights.

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