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About David Fishwick...

David Fishwick stands as a prominent figure in the financial industry, not just for founding Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd, affectionately known as the ‘Bank of Dave’, but for his significant influence as a business strategist and motivational speaker. With a career spanning various sectors, Dave's journey from labouring on building sites to becoming the largest minibus supplier in the UK is a testament to his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. He not only identified a lucrative niche in the vehicle market but also ventured into the financial sector during a period of crisis, taking on established banks with a community-focused approach.

The 2008 financial downturn was a pivotal moment for many, but for Dave, it was an opportunity to innovate and challenge the status quo. By offering fair loans and competitive interest rates, he not only provided a viable alternative to traditional banking but also set an ethical precedent by allocating profits to charities. This not only redefined corporate responsibility but also solidified his status as a business influencer who practices what he preaches.

Dave’s contributions have not gone unnoticed in the media realm. His compelling story is the centrepiece of Channel 4’s ‘The Bank of Dave’ and the Netflix film of the same name, reaching audiences worldwide. The publication of his Sunday Times bestseller further underscores his ability to engage and educate on financial matters in an accessible manner.

His accolades, including 2x BAFTA awards, mirror the impact of his influence beyond the financial industry, propelling him onto international stages as a sought-after speaker. Dave’s narratives often revolve around the power of leadership and effective management, essential ingredients he deems necessary for tackling formidable challenges.

In every engagement, David Fishwick embodies the principles of true self-made success: tenacity, integrity, and a genuine commitment to societal betterment. His message resonates with a broad spectrum of individuals, from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, all looking to navigate the complexities of business with foresight and humanity. As he continues to inspire through his speaking events and media presence, Dave's influence as a business luminary is undeniable, making him a trusted voice in an often-unpredictable economic landscape.

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