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About Alex Partridge...

Alex Partridge stands as a monumental figure in the evolution of social media content, having been at the helm of establishing UNILAD and LADBible, internet juggernauts that command the attention of a combined 100 million followers worldwide. His entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of 21, a testament to his visionary outlook on media and communication.

Now, stepping away from these media empires, Alex has channelled his influential voice into advocacy for mental health, bravely sharing his battles with addiction. His frank discussions on the perils of litigation and its impact on his life, including his struggle with alcoholism, resonate deeply with audiences. His vulnerability has not only humanised the face of entrepreneurship but also shed light on the often-ignored mental health crises many founders face.

At 34, Alex received an ADHD diagnosis and has since become a prominent advocate for neurodiversity, leveraging his large social media following to educate and inspire. His podcast, ADHD Chatter, echoes his commitment to fostering a community for those with similar experiences and has become a beacon for engaging conversations on neurodiversity.

Beyond his ventures, Alex's expertise in social media is evidenced by his past roles, including managing the expansive network of The Hook Group and directing Facebook strategies at Social Chain under Steven Bartlett. His innovative approaches to digital marketing have earned him no less than eight Cannes Lions Awards, highlighting his creative and effective campaigns.

A seasoned speaker, Alex's portfolio boasts over 200 engagements, ranging from prestigious events at Formula 1 to inspirational talks at TED. His speeches are more than just talks; they are profound narratives that blend technology, social media acumen, and raw life lessons. His dedication to mental health advocacy and his journey from adversity to resilience offer invaluable insights to anyone navigating the complexities of modern entrepreneurship.

In working with Alex Partridge, you are not just securing an expert in technology and social media; you are engaging with a transformative figure who has lived through the extremes of digital fame and personal hardship, emerging as a beacon of hope and an agent of change for mental health awareness and neurodiversity acceptance.

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