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About Arianna Huffington...

Arianna Huffington stands as a paragon in the realm of business influencers, shaping the conversation around work-life balance and redefining success. Her journey from founding The Huffington Post to advocating for well-being in the workplace illuminates her vision that success extends beyond financial gain—it includes happiness and health.

In an era where ‘the burnout factor’ is all too common; Arianna has been instrumental in spotlighting the importance of self-care. Her philosophy promotes sleep, spirituality, and happiness, challenging the relentless hustle culture. Her approach to leadership is not about relentless drive, but about insight and foresight—seeing ‘the iceberg before it hits the Titanic’, as she puts it. She believes that slowing down is not just beneficial, but essential for risk assessment and safeguarding the longevity of a business.

From her trailblazing days as the first foreign student in economics at Girton College, Cambridge, Arianna has been dismantling barriers. Her work as an author, including her notable book ‘Thrive’, underscores her commitment to a holistic definition of success. Her TED Talk, advocating for more sleep as a pathway to professional achievement, encapsulates her unorthodox yet resonant advice.

Her accomplishments are many, but perhaps the most ground-breaking is the founding of The Huffington Post in 2005, a platform that merged professional journalism with the democratic reach of blogging. It's this innovative spirit that led the platform to win a Pulitzer Prize, a testament to Arianna's understanding of the digital landscape and her ability to harness its potential for impactful journalism.

Arianna Huffington, as a speaker, brings the depth of her experiences and the charm of her personality to her audience, delivering not just a speech, but an invitation to reimagine the metrics of success. Her narrative is not just her own—it's a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, signalling that true achievement is multifaceted and attainable.

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