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Holly Tucker MBE is not just a business influencer; she's a powerhouse of entrepreneurial spirit and a beacon for small business communities. As the founder of Not On The High Street, she's catapulted the marketplace to become a bastion for small businesses and creatives, earning her an unassailable reputation as a luminary for enterprise and innovation. Holly's subsequent venture, Holly & Co, further cements her commitment to fostering small business success, making her an in-demand speaker for corporate events where her wisdom translates into actionable, transformative strategies.

Holly's journey began with the inception of Your Local Fair and culminated in the 2006 launch of Not On The High Street. What started as a startup burgeoned into an award-winning venture that not only hosts thousands of small businesses but also boasts an extensive workforce, all under Holly's visionary leadership. Her talks at events offer a treasure trove of insights, from the nitty-gritty of building a business from scratch to the intricacies of navigating risk and championing change management.

As the UK Ambassador to Creative Small Businesses, Holly doesn't just celebrate entrepreneurial spirit; she embodies it. Her efforts have injected over £1 billion into the economy, a feat she unpacks with eloquence and candour on stage. Her proficiency in finance and business imbues her with the versatility to discuss a spectrum of corporate themes, including team management and securing funding for start-ups.

Holly's influence extends beyond her business ventures. She is the voice behind 'Conversations of Inspiration,' a top-ranked business podcast, and the author of the Sunday Times bestseller 'Do What You Love, Love What You Do'. Her Instadvice business blog further amplifies her role as a mentor to entrepreneurs.

Her impact isn't confined to the business realm alone. Holly's philanthropic efforts through The Happy Bricks Foundation underscore her commitment to global betterment. Her work spans from Tanzanian schools to a science lab in Windsor, proving her dedication to educational development.

Holly's litany of accolades, including The Google Award for Women in Digital and an MBE for her services to small businesses, speak to her impressive breadth of achievements. Her ability to resonate with corporate audiences is unmatched, as she imparts lessons on employee cohesion and the art of management that invigorate and inspire. Holly Tucker is more than a speaker; she's an agent of change, inspiring a legacy of innovation and strength in business communities worldwide.

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