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Duncan Wardle stands out as an exemplary business influencer, whose pedigree in driving innovation is unmatched. His tenure as the former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney marks him as a creative maven who has spent a quarter-century honing his expertise in birthing and nurturing ideas to fruition. He is now at the forefront of inspiring businesses and individuals to unlock their revolutionary potential through his dynamic, results-oriented techniques.

His role at Walt Disney between 2004 and 2017 placed him at the helm of innovation, where he was tasked with consulting on and refining ideas. He was instrumental in steering Disney’s culture towards one that perpetuates creativity and provides an enriching environment for its employees. Through effective problem-solving and impactful training, Duncan has indelibly etched his influence on the global brand that is Disney.

Since branching out in 2017 with his brand, Ideate, Duncan Wardle has carved out a niche as a sought-after innovation keynote speaker and creativity consultant. He brings a distinctively original approach to Design Thinking, helping propel companies forward. His workshops are renowned for their ability to help participants navigate challenges through unconventional thinking. His impact stretches into academia, where he has enriched minds at illustrious institutions like Yale, Harvard, and Edinburgh University with his innovation master classes.

His expertise and captivating speaking style have brought him to the revered TED stage multiple times, sharing insights on creativity, relationships, and the essence of innovation. Now a Professor of Innovation at Yale University, Duncan continues to share his invaluable knowledge with a broader academic audience.

In the realm of webinars, Duncan's vibrant energy and interactive techniques set him apart. His sessions are a masterclass in virtual engagement, uniting remote teams under a collective vision to transform 'my idea' into 'our ideas'. He champions the notion that diversity fosters innovation, a principle that strengthens team cohesion.

Duncan Wardle's ability to captivate various audiences across the globe as business influencer is unparalleled. Known for his no-limits attitude, exemplified by his iconic Buzz Lightyear endeavour with NASA, he embodies the essence of limitless potential. His contributions to events are profound, instilling a culture of creativity that catalyses profitability and productivity.

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