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Chris Barton stands as a paragon of entrepreneurial ingenuity and influence in the business and technology sphere. An acclaimed pioneer, he has left an indelible mark on the world with Shazam, an AI-powered application that has redefined music discovery. As Shazam's Founder and former CEO, Chris’ vision materialised into a digital phenomenon, achieving over two billion downloads before its acquisition by Apple for an awe-inspiring $400 million. His role as a keynote speaker is not just a testament to his achievements but a beacon for innovation, technology, and disruptive thinking.

The seeds of Chris’ revolutionary journey were sown during his tenure at Microsoft in Business Development. However, it was in 2000, with the inception of Shazam, that Chris truly unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit. His leadership propelled Shazam to become Apple's sixth-largest acquisition. Chris’ expertise was further acknowledged through his strategic contributions to Google, where he masterminded the Android mobile carrier alliance framework, and to Dropbox, where he led the Mobile Operators Business Development.

Chris’ innovations extend beyond Shazam. In 2020, he launched Guard Inc, aiming to harness AI to enhance safety in swimming pools. His inventive prowess has also earned him 12 patents across his ground-breaking contributions to Google, Shazam, and Dropbox. Moreover, Chris’ foray into television, with appearances in the Super Bowl TV Ad and the Renault TV Ad, showcases his charismatic presence and influence beyond the boardroom.

As a keynote speaker, Chris doesn't merely recount the narrative of Shazam. He inspires a 'different way of thinking', encouraging his audience to embark on their innovative quests. His talks are not just speeches; they are workshops of the mind, instilling a transformative approach to innovation within organisations. Having addressed esteemed corporations like American Express, Coca-Cola, and Verizon, Chris’ insights are sought after by those eager to spearhead disruption and innovation in their fields.

In sum, Charis Barton is more than a technology entrepreneur; he is a business influencer who embodies the spirit of innovation. For any event or content aimed at inspiring ground-breaking ideas and challenging the status quo, Chris is an unequivocal choice, guaranteeing to leave a lasting impact on his audience.

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