From blogs to books. Influencer novels to read this summer.
Champions | 28th July 2017
While it is true that social media influencers are dominating the online world at the moment their presence certainly isn’t solely online. The past few years have seen them also take traditional print media by storm. Whether it is their picture on…
Fuss Free Flavours
Champions | 06th July 2017
Celebrating a decade of blogging in 2017, Fuss Free Flavours has been sharing her food thoughts and recipes with her following since 2007.
Influencers with an impact
Champions | 30th June 2017
In a world full of social media influencers, it can be difficult to know who the most popular people are to work with, so here is the UK’s top 10 most subscribed to influencers on YouTube.
Facebook Shifts Focus to Influencer Content
Champions | 28th June 2017
Facebook has recently announced that the platform will be releasing an app which focuses entirely on the content creator which will enable influencers to manage their content in a more streamlined and focused way. Here's more on this exciting…