As the vegan wave surges through Great Britain, having already transformed 600,000 individuals into plant-based pioneers by 2019, it’s clear that veganism is carving a permanent niche in our lifestyles. With predictions hinting at a veggie-dominated demographic by 2025, the digital sphere buzzes with influencers championing this cruelty-free ethos. Whether you're firmly planted in veganism or a 'flexitarian' curious to take part in meatless Mondays, our curated list of the top 20 vegan influencers is your perfect blend of motivation and culinary creativity.

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is a plant-based eating regimen that excludes all animal products and by-products. It is a part of a broader ethical framework known as veganism, which was established in 1944 by members of the Vegan Society who advocated for a lifestyle free of animal exploitation and cruelty. This means that a vegan diet involves abstaining not only from meat but also from dairy, eggs, honey, and any other food items derived from animals. While some might associate veganism strictly with diet, the philosophy encompasses a range of lifestyle choices designed to avoid harm to animals, extending to the avoidance of animal-derived materials, products tested on animals, and entertainment venues that involve animal use.

Source: Healthline

Why Hire a Vegan Influencer for your Campaign?

Hiring a vegan influencer for your campaign connects your brand with the vibrant, growing community of eco-conscious consumers. These influencers have curated content that resonates with audiences dedicated to sustainable, plant-based lifestyles, aligning perfectly with green initiatives. Their expertise in creating varied, tasty, and affordable vegan content ensures your product stands out in a market where diversity and practicality are as important as ethical considerations. With their substantial, engaged followings, these influencers can elevate your campaign, offering authenticity, reach, and a shared commitment to making green choices in every aspect of life.

Who are the Top 20 Vegan Influencers Shaping the Future of Plant-Based Living?

1. Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart stands out as a trailblazing vegan influencer, championing a comprehensive vegan lifestyle from her diet to her choice of cruelty-free makeup and sustainable fashion. Her commitment resonates with a broad audience seeking guidance on ethical living.

With a robust online presence, Niomi leverages platforms like YouTube and Instagram to educate and inspire her three million-strong following. She's also authored a cookbook with over 100 plant-based recipes, infusing global flavours into vegan cuisine.

2. Marta Canga

Known for her eco-friendly lifestyle, Marta Canga uses her social media pages to spread awareness of leading a sustainable life, encouraging her followers to do so as well. Being based in London, Marta often shares her favourite vegan and sustainable restaurants in the country’s capital city, as well as healthcare products which contain eco-friendly ingredients such as hand creams and hair products.

Marta’s passion for travelling often sees her jet off to different countries to explore different places as well as cultures, documenting her trips through her award-winning blog titled ‘Marta Canga: A Vegan and Sustainable Lifestyle Blog’.

3. Jess Beautician

Jess Beautician is a well-known social media influencer, recognised for her work as a vegan and lifestyle blogger.

Using platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Jess regularly keeps fans up to date with her latest vegan finds, from food to skincare, makeup and fashion. As a vegan fashion influencer, Jess recommends her favourite high-street and high-end stores in which to shop, as well as her favourite vegan restaurants throughout the UK and Europe.

4. India Reynolds

India Reynolds, once a finalist on Love Island, has become a notable vegan influencer. With a passion for plant-based cuisine, she dedicates an Instagram account to showcasing her vegan culinary skills, tempting thousands with her appetising, meat-free dishes.

Beyond the kitchen, India explores and reviews vegan eateries, shares her top vegan grocery picks, and promotes cruelty-free beauty products. Her platform serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in a compassionate lifestyle.

5. Family Fizz

Family Fizz, widely recognised as one of YouTube’s most famous families, are entertaining as well as educational as they documented their transition to veganism.

Living in Dubai, Family Fizz entertain viewers by the millions and are now using their platforms to raise awareness of veganism. Their Internet success allowed fans to follow them as the whole family transitioned to a vegan diet. Using their social media channels, they share their favourite vegan recipes and meals with their millions of followers, proving particularly helpful for parents looking to help their children enjoy a vegan diet.

6. BOSH!

Henry and Ian, the dynamic duo behind BOSH!, have revolutionised the vegan scene with their infectious enthusiasm for plant-based eating. Within their first year, they reached an astonishing half a billion views on social media, showcasing the universal appeal of their message.

As pioneers of vegan cuisine, their journey isn't just about food, but a broader mission to influence a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Despite not being professionally trained chefs, they've captured the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide, authoring bestsellers and hosting 'Living Life On The Veg', all while advocating for a greener planet.

7. Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson leveraged her TV fame to become a leading vegan influencer. As a dedicated vegan, Lucy shares her favourite recipes and cruelty-free living tips on Instagram, quickly rising to prominence with her cookbook, Feed Me Vegan, and working as a PETA ambassador.

She extended her influence by launching a vegan food line and co-founding Tell Your Friends, a plant-based London eatery. Now a beloved social media figure, Lucy blends her fashion flair with travel, inspiring fans from snowy slopes to sunny shores.

8. The Little Blog of Vegan

With a love for animals and healthy eating, Holly created the award-winning The Little Blog of Vegan to share her thoughts, ideas and recipes with like minded individuals.

Demonstrating just how simple yet delicious following a vegan diet can be, Holly also raises awareness of the foods that need to be consumed in order to receive all of the vitamins and nutrients needed as a vegan. From main meals to tasty treats, Holly’s blog and Instagram have all of the recipes and recommendations you will need to guide you throughout your vegan transformation.

9. Romy London

Romy London, a vegan influencer and Instagram maven captivates her audience with vibrant photography and videography. Since going vegan in 2014, she’s become a source of inspiration for plant-based diets, sharing exquisite, meat-free recipes that tantalise the taste buds.

Expanding her reach, Romy runs a website featuring a plethora of vegan recipes, facilitating the switch to a vegan lifestyle. She doesn't stop at food; her platform extends to vegan beauty favourites, spotlighting top cruelty-free products for her global followers.

10. Verity Bowditch

Verity Bowditch transitioned from her role as a sales executive to a glamorous lifestyle as a cast member on E4’s reality show, Made In Chelsea, starting from series 17. Since her appearance on the show, Verity has cultivated a strong presence on social media, utilising Instagram to share various facets of her life, including her keen interest in fashion.

Having showcased her commitment to wellness and exercise on Instagram for many years, she is now a vegan influencer, and well-known for co-founding Clean Kitchen, a sustainable and plant-based food brand, making vegan and eco-friendly options more accessible across London.

11. Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills, known to many as Deliciously Ella, stands out as a prominent figure in the vegan influencer world. Since starting her blog in 2012, Ella has passionately shared an abundance of healthy and scrumptious vegan recipes, rapidly gaining popularity and transforming her blog into a household name. Her dedication to promoting plant-based eating led to the publication of her debut book, titled after her blog, and the release of the Deliciously Ella app, which soared to #1 in the Food and Drink category on the UK app store.

Today, as a best-selling author with five books to her name and a thriving brand, Deliciously Ella has expanded to include a diverse range of vegan food products, spanning from breakfast options and snacks to frozen meals and desserts.

12. Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia has carved a unique niche for herself as a vegan influencer, with a deep commitment to promoting sustainability, minimalism, and holistic wellbeing.

Madeleine’s platform has evolved into a resource for those seeking advice on vegan cooking, sustainable practices, and personal development. Her influence has expanded beyond YouTube, encompassing travel, a book, and the renovation of a cottage in Cornwall. Through it all, she remains devoted to her mission of advocating for a sustainable future, emphasising the power of individual actions, and fostering a sense of self-love and mental wellbeing among her audience.

13. The Little London Vegan (Claire Every)

Claire Every, better known as The Little London Vegan, is a standout vegan influencer who passionately promotes plant-based dining. From street eats to fine dining in London, she offers comprehensive reviews to a large digital following.

With her 'Global City Guides', Claire extends her influence beyond London, engaging a global audience. As a recognised voice in veganism and a changemaker in the food industry, her impact is both local and international.

14. Nancy Birtwhistle

Nancy Birtwhistle has become a distinguished vegan influencer, championing plant-based baking and cooking. Her journey from The Great British Bake Off victor to a social media savant inspires a sustainable lifestyle.

With 'Kitchen Rescue', Nancy offers a treasure trove of vegan recipes and no-waste tips. Her authentic advocacy and farm-to-table ethos resonate deeply within the vegan community, fostering a greener, healthier way of life.

15. Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley has swiftly become a significant voice in the vegan community as an influencer. Leveraging her robust platforms from her businesses TALA and Shreddy, she advocates for sustainable living and ethical consumerism, intertwining these with her vegan lifestyle.

As an influencer, Grace uses her entrepreneurial background to elevate her advocacy for plant-based diets, not just as a personal choice, but as a sustainable business practice. Recognised for her innovative approach, she seamlessly merges her business acumen with her vegan ethos, encouraging her audience to make choices that are good for their bodies and the planet.

16. Gaz Oakley

Gaz Oakley, known as the Avant-Garde Vegan, is renowned for his innovative approach to vegan cooking. His classically trained chef skills, coupled with a childhood steeped in athletics, have fuelled his dedication to health and plant-based cuisine.

Embracing veganism after being inspired by rapper JME, Gaz now delights his robust online following with his culinary creativity. He's a vegan powerhouse, from his cookbook 'Vegan 100' to his popular social media platforms, where he shares both delectable recipes and his line of vegan merchandise.

17. Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson, best recognised for her role in E4's Made In Chelsea, has significantly expanded her influence and presence since she first joined the reality show in 2014. Leveraging her fame, Tiffany has become a prominent social media influencer, sharing her interests in food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Together with her sister Lucy, Tiffany passionately follows a vegan lifestyle. She regularly shares her favourite vegan recipes and dishes, providing inspiration and guidance to her followers interested in plant-based living. Tiffany has made a substantial impact in the food influencer world, having co-owned a vegan restaurant, Tell Your Friends.

18. Bettina's Kitchen

Bettina's Kitchen stands out as a beacon for vegan enthusiasts, with her baking and lifestyle guidance drawing from an unyielding passion for plant-based, healing foods. Her seasonal recipes, emphasising simplicity and local ingredients, radiate her commitment to the nourishing power of plants.

As an influencer, Bettina has forged significant partnerships, authoring three cookbooks including the festive 'Celebrate.' With her recipes gracing prestigious media and TV, she’s not just a vegan influencer but a transformative culinary force advocating for healthful, joyous eating.

19. Bo's Kitchen

Bo's Kitchen stands out in the digital space as a vegan influencer with a flair for the colourful and the sweet. Based in Leicester, UK, this food photographer and recipe developer has captivated a large following with her eye-catching, plant-based creations. Whether it's through her Instagram feed bursting with homemade vegan treats or her blog where she dives deeper into vegan dinners, Bo has become a go-to source for those seeking a taste of the vibrant vegan lifestyle.

20. The Vegan Nigerian

Tomi Makanjuola, also known as The Vegan Nigerian, is a creative influencer bridging traditional flavours with vegan living. She shares vibrant recipes and offers cooking workshops to inspire a plant-based lifestyle rich in Nigerian culture.

Through online resources and personalised workshops, Tomi emphasises the joy and diversity of vegan Nigerian cuisine. Her platform provides a unique blend of culinary heritage and healthy eating, making it accessible to a global audience.

There we have it! 20 of the best vegan bloggers and influencers ready to inspire and encourage those who are following, or attempting to follow a vegan lifestyle. While Veganuary takes place every year, you don’t need to stop there! There are endless recipes and ideas to help you continue your journey to veganism throughout the year.

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