The Highest Earning Social Media Influencers in the UK

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Almost a decade on from influencers taking centre stage across all social media platforms, they are still a hot topic on everyone's lips.

From what they really get up to in the day, how many hours they truly work and how much they earn are questions that everybody wants answers to.

According to Heat Magazines Rich List, here are five of the wealthiest female social media influencers in the UK.

1. Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella

Of course, Zoe would be top of our list. The queen of social media has an estimated net worth of £4.7m and it really is no surprise, as she has quite literally built herself an entire empire.

From brand deals, sponsorships, collaborations as well her very own novels, beauty and lifestyle ranges, Zoe has well and truly earnt the top spot.

Find out more about how she went from bedroom blogger to entrepreneur and why she is the ultimate girl boss.

2. Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills, or as she is more famously known - Deliciously Ella - is a British food blogger, author and podcaster that is worth an estimated £2.5m.

Celebrating a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, Ella even has her very own range of deliciously nutritious food.

With five cookbooks, a recipe and yoga app, a whole host of food products, a deli and a podcast, we think this is only the beginning for Ella.


Current faves 🥰🥰🥰 Raspberry and cashew, almond butter caramel and chocolate 🙏🏼 Best combos 😍

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3. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr began her blog and YouTube channel almost a decade ago and thanks to that, has an estimated net worth of £1.6m.

Regularly posting about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Tanya is also an author of multiple books.

Now, Tanya is venturing into the world of acting in the hope to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.


Like Clueless but make it emo

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4. Victoria Magrath, aka Inthefrow

Victoria has shot to the forefront of the social media scene over recent years and has had what can only be described as the wedding of the year!

Specialising in luxury fashion, beauty and more recently, home decor and interiors, Victoria is one of the most sought-after social media influencers to date and has an estimated net worth of £1.2m.

Teaming up with her better half to produce top-quality video content and images, Victoria's content is second to none.

With her following and popularity continuing to soar, the future is most certainly looking fruitful for Victoria and her husband, Alex.

5. Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch

Taking the online world by storm, cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch is worth an estimated £1m.

Being one of the newest influencers on the scene, it is safe to say that Mrs Hinch and her popularity won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Mrs Hinch has a best-selling book as well as an activity journal and has featured on daytime show “This Morning” on a number of occasions. We are sure that there is much more to come from the UK's leading 'cleanfluencer'.


When women support other women amazing things happen .. 💗 I’ll be honest guys , having fallen into the public eye somehow & becoming a new mum , I’ve done my absolute best but its been hard . Now I know I am SO lucky and so blessed to have my Instagram platform & my Hinchers , but Instagram & “fame” really does have its low points. I’ve been trolled , followed in my car by journalists , paparazzi waiting outside my house , false information printed about me and worst of all I’ve had my family and my baby pulled apart, and for what? I don’t get it! I’m simply living my life at home .. cleaning! I would never want to hurt anyone so I find it hard to understand why people would want to hurt me. It can be scary out there guys & I noticed I was starting to feel nervous about leaving the house , even to go food shopping, or pop to the petrol station. Daily things that I never used to think twice about doing. If I see the petrol gauge is low or the fridge needs refilling I get a knot in my stomach knowing I need to go out so Ive felt myself falling into a dark place. But .. one day I received a message from this amazing woman, simply asking me if I’m ok. It’s like she just knew I wasn’t. Even though I hadn’t made this apparent to anyone. I found myself pouring my heart out to her by message (🙈) asking how she handles the public eye with a newborn. And what she said to me was “ right I’m coming round for a cuppa!” A cuppa ?! I couldn’t believe it! Stacey Solomon in my house? Ive followed Stacey since her X factor days so to me I was having a celeb round and I felt nervous! But Stacey, like me , is just a normal person and a mum simply trying to do her best in life. She turned up at my house with her beautiful baby Rex in one arm & McDonald’s in the other for us both! And I just felt myself wanting to cry. A mix of emotions I can’t even explain. We sat down , we ate junk food , fed our babies & talked .. talked for hours and I can honestly say I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I’m ready to face this public eye! Trolls n all! So Stacey im forever grateful to you , all the best darling and I can’t wait for next time ❤️ #womensupportingwomen

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5 of the Wealthiest Male Social Media Influencers

With all of the attention of five of the highest earning female social media influencers, we thought we would also take you through five of the highest earning male social media influencers.

From lifestyle, men's fashion and gaming, male social media stars come in many forms and are well-known in a number of different areas.

1. PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg

As a world-renowned social media influencer, PewDiePie is best known for his YouTube channel which is the most subscribed-to individual creator of all time.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that Brighton-based PewDiePie is worth an estimated £16m, donating large chunks of that to charity.

With hilarious commentary-style videos and his famous 'Let's Play' series, we expect PewDiePie to be a well-known face in the online community for quite some time.

2. Joe Sugg

Previously known as Thatcher Joe, Joe Sugg rose to fame thanks to his quirky YouTube channel and Instagram content.

Worth an estimated £4.6m, Joe was the first social media personality to star in BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and has since made his west-end debut in Waitress London.

Making a move to more traditional forms of media and becoming a regular on our TV screens, Joe has successfully combined the modern online era of social media with conventional media.

3. KSI

KSI, also known as 'JJ' is well known as a social media personality, rapper and YouTuber.

After beginning his YouTube career around gaming-commentary style videos, KSI now produces daily vlogs and comedy-style content.

As a member and co-founder of the entertainment collective, the Sidemen, it is no wonder that he has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

4. Alfie Deyes

As one half of the Internet's most successful power couple, Alfie Deyes is boyfriend to Zoe Sugg, a YouTuber and vlogger, previously known as PointlessBlog.

Worth an estimated £3.8m, Alfie regularly documents his daily life through his YouTube channel and Instagram feed.

Having worked on countless sponsored posts, brand deals and an author to a number of best-selling books, Alfie's online presence is continuing to sky-rocket.


As you’ve probably noticed over the past couple of months I’ve been in a bit of a slump with my ‘main’ channel videos. . I grew my audience on that channel creating fun challenge videos, Q&As and doing weird different collaborations with friends. But over the years as I’ve grown up, I enjoyed creating that style of content less and less & that’s why I haven’t created videos like that for quite a few years. . I started off this year with the aim to create as many highly produced videos in many different styles and upload them all onto the channel. Even if one video was a completely different style to the next, that wouldn’t matter, I’d still upload it. And if you look at the channel, you can for sure see I did that haha . So what now? I’ve just got back from Sorrento filming a sick travel video for the ‘main’ channel and I think it’s the perfect style! I loved both planning / filming it and the edit started today which I’m sure will pull everything together and only get me more excited to get out shooting bigger projects! . I’ve got quite a few big video ideas planned for the channel over the next few months and I’m feeling better than ever about them! I really appreciate you staying with me whilst I’ve been trying to find out what’s next for the channel. It means a lot and hopefully you’ll love these new videos! . ‘Side note’ I still absolutely love creating really simple raw daily vlogs for my second channel and 100% still want to keep this up 1 or 2 days a week x

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5. Tom Cassell, aka Syndicate

Tom is well-known for his YouTube videos centred around games and daily vlogs.

With an estimated net worth of £3m, Tom has the most followed channel on popular streaming site Twitch and was the first person to reach and surpass one million followers.

With influencer marketing on the rise, it seems like social media influencers are not going anywhere and continue to be some of the wealthiest stars on the platforms.

If you’re interested in collaborating with one of these elite influencers, get in touch with us today!

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