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Gymshark influencer
Amelia Neate | 21st August 2020
Gymshark is arguably one of the most influential fitness brands of the 21st century. From starting in the bedroom of teenager Ben Francis to becoming a million dollar business, the company has gone from strength to strength and it all started with…
Emma Richardson | 22nd January 2020
Looking for some fitness inspiration? Take a look at our top 20 Instagram fitness influencers who share their top health and fitness tips to help you feel motivated.
Megan Mosley | 03rd June 2019
Body confidence is something many often struggle with. Fortunately, there are some amazing influencers out there who are teaching us to be happy in our own skin. Here are 10 of the top body positivity influencers to follow...
Champions | 01st October 2018
Offering tasty recipes ideas and fun workout routines, fitness vloggers are helping millions of people to live a happier, healthier life. Here’s 10 of the best for 2019...