What a year 2019 was, eh? For us, it was most definitely a year filled with successful brand campaigns. We have paired some of our all time favourite influencers with some of the UK’s hottest brands.

We thought we’d take a look at a few of our top brand campaigns of 2019. Looking at what we have achieved to date, we are excited to get stuck in to 2020!

January 2019

We kicked off the year with an exciting campaign between Arsenal and one of the UK’s biggest rappers, Lethal Bizzle. The star worked with Arsenal and their sponsor Visit Rwanda to promote the first #RwandaChampionsChallenge.

Reaching an audience of almost two million, it is safe to say that the campaign was a huge success.

February 2019

In February, we partnered five health and fitness influencers with Colgate to post to Instagram and attend an evening promoting whole mouth health.

We also paired Cartoon Network with popular kid influencer Fruity to take part in a gameplay video following the release of The Lego Movie 2 video game, which reached a huge 4.3 million people.

March 2019

March was another busy month here at Influencer Matchmaker HQ!

Amazon Handmade were looking for the perfect match to help them promote handcrafted customisable gifts as part of their Mum’s The Word campaign. We teamed them up with Giovanna Fletcher, resulting in almost three million Instagram Story views!

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In March, we also paired Pete WicksAlex Bowen and Ashley James with Ceva Animal Health to promote their #PawsForThought campaign and raise awareness of pet anxiety month.

April 2019

To help kickstart her postpartum journey, we partnered Liza Prideaux with Muscle Food.

April also saw us begin our partnership with Hotels.com. To start our series of football-based collaborations with their sponsor UEFA, we teamed them up with Sam Gowland and Joshua Ritchie.

May 2019

In May, we paired up luxury fashion blogger Amelia Liana with fashion social network 21 Buttons to show fans dupes of her most worn luxury items. The video gained over 70,000 views!

June 2019

June was another biggie for us as we worked on a huge global campaign!

Hotels.com hosted a ‘Champions Retreat’ for the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid. Looking for four high-profile social media influencers and a special celebrity guest, we paired the brand with Mark WrightElliott WrightJack Fincham and Andrew Brady as well as singing sensation Jessie J.

The campaign reached over 13 million people. We know. Crazy, right?

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We also partnered our very own Recipes From a Pantry with Try Lamb to provide a series of tasty lamb-based recipes.

July 2019

In July, we were back working with Hotels.com.

This time, we paired them with Love Island’s Dr Alex to encourage those that may bare all, to stay safe and apply SPF

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Looking to create an influencer marketing campaign encouraging people to shop on their fashion and accessories categories, we teamed up eBay with Em Sheldon as well as Syd and Ell. The campaign amassed over 21,000 likes!

Another hugely successful campaign we organised was #ArmsUp with Dove, promoting underarm confidence. We teamed Dove up with Dianne Buswell and Tallia Storm, leading the campaign to reach almost 300,00 people.

August 2019

We supported The Perfume Shop in a number of influencer marketing campaigns, some of which featured the likes of Misha Grimes and Demi Donnelly. Uploading review videos to the brand’s YouTube channel, the videos received almost 24,000 likes.

We also partnered Ann Summers with fashion blogger Naomi Millbank-Smith for a three month campaign with the images being used in store windows!

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September 2019

September saw us team up Em Sheldon with Expedia in a bid to encourage travellers to explore the different islands of Greece. The YouTube video was shared to Em’s 75,000 subscribers.

October 2019

We paired our very own Travel Mad Mum and Travel Mad Dad with VWFS Rent-a-Car. Taking a road trip through the Cotswolds, the travel mad pair took their service and a car to the test!

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We also worked with our friends over at Dove again, pairing them with some of the UK’s hottest influencers, including the likes of Megan Rose Lane, to encourage everyone to be kinder to themselves.

November 2019

With Black Friday amongst us, we teamed up Amazon with Binky Felstead to encourage shoppers to try and save some money and find the best deals just in time for Christmas!

Providing his followers with his favourite winter warming recipe, we paired Daddy Cooks Food with Knorr to promote their vegetarian stock pot.

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December 2019

With Christmas just around the corner, December was also a jam-packed month!

We partnered Stacey Solomon with our faves over at Amazon Handmade to spread the word about their wide range of customisable handcrafted gifts.

Our influencer team also paired Jeff Brazier with Park Christmas Savings to surprise a lucky winner with £1,000 worth of vouchers.

We know. What a year it has been!

We have some exciting things planned for 2020 and can’t wait to get stuck in!

For more information on working with social media influencers, please contact our influencer team on 0239 580 427 or email contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk.