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Juggling multiple careers and talents at once, this popular social media influencer has stunned the public with his ambitious nature. Despite establishing his career as a doctor for the NHS, the young medic decided that he wanted to pursue multiple paths to success. Hence, the star embarked on his journey to television fame, starring in the popular reality TV series Love Island in 2018. Since then, Alex has become a well-known social media influencer with over 1.5 million followers.

Discussing his motivations in joining the villa, the influencer aimed to potentially intertwine his two career goals and fill the gap in the influencer market for TV doctors and medical influencers. Alex is open about his wishes to use the platform instead to ‘talk about things that are topical and affect people in everyday life’. In doing so, he has found success in building a platform where he can voice issues that affect the public and has accumulated a dedicated fan base despite his departure from reality television.

Since his appearance on Love Island, Alex has returned to his medical roots, becoming an expert in medical care who continues to help people through making weekly Health Q&As and running a podcast titled The Waiting Room, where he discusses vital topics such as mental health, reality television and general medical phenomena. He takes to Instagram to encourage fans to follow his projects, as well as sharing his afterthought on each podcast.

Alongside this, Alex is supportive of numerous charities and voluntarily advocates for organisations such as Centre Point UK with fellow Love Islander and lifestyle influencer Eyal Booker. Together, they took to social media to raise awareness of Centre Point’s campaign in tackling youth homelessness. He has also collaborated with companies such as GOGODOC UK in promoting their app that aims to facilitate access to healthcare and increase its practicality by sending fully trained and qualified doctors to provide a full consultation at your doorstep. He attended events at UCL to discuss this new innovative idea with current medical students, effectively becoming a healthcare icon for many young students and Love Island fans around the country.

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