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A dominant force in the world of fashion, beauty, travel, fitness and lifestyle influencers, Em Sheldon is a rising star amongst her peers. Having first created her platform back in 2012, Em's addictive content has since seen her pick up a string of coveted awards. Catching the attention of an ever-expanding audience, her work is backed by hordes of adoring fans.

Well-known on Instagram, Em's feed is most certainly swoon-worthy. Filled with smiley selfies, OOTD's, holiday photos and plenty of food-related content, Em's Instagram has something for everyone.

From luxury shopping trips and makeup tutorials to life hacks and daily vlogs, it's no surprise that Em's platform on YouTube has become so popular. And having recently moved into a new home, Em has began to turn her attentions to home decor and interior design, sharing renovation updates and sneak peeks to both YouTube and Instagram.

An advocate for body positivity and well-being, Em is often promoting living our lives in balance. Em doesn't believe in diets, but rather a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise. And having established herself as a health and fitness influencer, Em often shares her favourite workout routines, as well as the best activewear. 

Alongside YouTube and Instagram, Em has a well-known blog, titled Em Talks. Filled with stunning images from her travels around the world and detailed and informative travel guides filled with inspiration, Em is also a recognised travel influencer.

Em's endeavors have been widely recognised as she is an award-winning blogger. Her work has also seen her be named as one of the Five Most Influential Instagrammers in Fashion by The Social Chain, as well as featuring in several articles for the likes of The Mail Online, the BBC, Metro Newspaper, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

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Influencer Partnerships

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