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A dominant force in the world of fashion, beauty, travel, fitness and lifestyle influencers, Em Sheldon is a rising star amongst her peers. Having first created her platform back in 2012, Em's addictive content has since seen her pick up a string of coveted awards. Catching the attention of an ever-expanding audience, her work is backed by hordes of adoring fans.

The wide array of content offered by Em's platform has played an important role in driving her success. Whether her audience is looking for inspirational lookbooks, fashion hauls, travel vlogs, beauty advice, lifestyle blogs or fitness routines, Em's multi-talented nature ensures she is able to grab and maintain the attention of her followers. For this reason, she has built up a significant following across several platforms, boasting a combined following that runs into six figures.

Em's YouTube channel is a prime example of her wide range of exciting content. From luxury shopping trips to makeup tutorials and from life hacks to daily routines, it's no surprise Em's platform has become so popular. Her status as a role model has also seen her feature many of her favourite styles on her blog, offering fashion-conscious fans a wealth of insight and inspiration. As if that weren't enough, her status as a top beauty influencer has continued to help countless followers navigate the ins and outs of beauty and cosmetics.

Em's endeavors have been widely recognised. She was crowned the winner of the Project 13 Travel & Lifestyle Award an award bestowed by InStyle Magazine. Her work has also seen her be named as one of the Five Most Influential Instagrammers in Fashion by The Social Chain, as well as featuring in several articles for the likes of The Mail Online, the BBC, Metro Newspaper, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

The versatility of Em's content has helped to shape her into an ideal partner for brands looking to breathe new life into their advertisements and influencer marketing campaigns. She participated in the Adidas #fitspiration campaign back in 2015, as well as taking part in the 2015 IAmJuicyCouture campaign by ASOS. From sponsored content to more extensive campaign work, Em has proven her ability to take brand awareness to the next level.

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Influencer Partnerships

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