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Alexandra Felstead, better known as Binky Felstead, is a reality TV star and Instagram influencer with millions of followers and a lovable personality.

Binky rose to fame on the popular British structured reality series, Made in Chelsea. The BAFTA award-winning series chronicled the lives of London’s rich and famous with Binky being a fan favourite.

Binky was one of the longest-running members of the series and even starred in an offshoot of the original entitled Born in Chelsea. This special follows Binky and her fellow Made in Chelsea star JP as they go through the trials, tribulations and joys of having a child. Binky’s success on the show also saw her write an autobiography entitled Being Binky: My Life in Chelsea. It has been a hit with her fans and gives fresh insight into what it was like being the country girl in the Chelsea gang.

Since leaving Made in Chelsea, Binky has cultivated a large following on Twitter and Instagram and uses her influence to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. She is the brand ambassador for Fiit, a celebrity-driven series of interactive fitness classes. As if this weren’t enough, Binky is also the founder of The Mummy Tribe. The Mummy Tribe is focused on new mums and offers several courses at relaxing retreats to teach mums the importance of looking after their minds and bodies. Binky has combined her love of being a new mother with her passion for fitness in creating this unique escape for mums and their kids.

Binky has expanded her portfolio to include her own fashion line. She has developed her own range of clothing to bring the chic Chelsea look to households around the country. Her collection can be found on the ever popular In The Style.

Binky has also launched a YouTube channel aimed at helping people with hair and makeup tutorials as well as featuring top fashion tips. She releases weekly vlogs with a particular highlight being her celebrity makeup look.

Binky’s appeal is in no small part down to her ‘normal girl’ appeal. Even on camera she was beloved for her friendliness, down-to-earth nature and honesty. She often speaks of being raised in the countryside and holds values such as family, friendship and a healthy lifestyle close to her heart.

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In 2011 she was working 9-5 front of house for an investment company, but now she has her own clothing line, nail varnish line and was the face of Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer.