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It is a common misconception that cleaning and housework should be regarded as a dreaded chore. Sophie Hinch - or more commonly known by her internet identity, Mrs Hinch - has successfully broken these misconceptions through her social media content and her position as a homeware influencer. Giving out useful household tips and cleaning hacks, she entertains her following through light-hearted, informative content as she shares her own experience and expertise on cleaning and home maintenance.

Having a strong following across multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Mrs Hinch effectively utilises digital media as a channel to pursue her passion for home maintenance and interior decor. Meanwhile, she becomes a role model for many fellow home enthusiasts or even the clueless housekeepers who yearn for an icon to lead them along the journey to creating their dream home.

With her followers reaching into the millions, Mrs Hinch has created a loyal following, whom she refers to as the Hinch Army. Her army continue to support her throughout her social media evolution and attend her events and guest appearances.

Having published her first book, Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink and Soothe Your Soul, she has become a respectable author as well as an Instagram star. Since the launch of the book, Sophie has hosted several book signing events across the UK as well as appearing on popular television shows such as This Morning. Furthermore, her popularity has led her to featuring on the cover of You Magazine, as well as featuring in the Sunday Mail and the Sunday Mail Style.

Her passion for maintaining an immaculate space makes her an influential social media icon for creating aesthetically pleasing home decor. She frequently posts pictures of her stunning interior designs and her decorated home and transforms the world of housework into a therapeutic activity that allows you to create an organised environment.

In her posts, she also opens up about the ways in which cleaning and home maintenance have helped her with her own anxieties, and her fans admire the influencer for her positive outlook. Whilst Instagram is her dominant platform for content creation and product advertisements, her YouTube channel is growing in numbers as she posts deep cleaning tutorials and tips on home decor, as well as daily vlogs to keep her fans interested in her personal, day-to-day activities.

Mrs Hinch works with brands and businesses predominantly through her Instagram platform, as she advertises her favourite products for brands and companies who she partners with. Through a series of sponsored posts, she has previously endorsed brands such as Lenor, Brita UK, Killeen, Easho Family, providing followers with an in-depth review of all the products she promotes.

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