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About Lydia Millen...

Lydia Millen is an online sensation, creating content around luxury fashion, home and interiors and lifestyle. 

Beginning her career as an influencer by sharing her love for fashion, combining looks from both the high street and the runway, Lydia has established herself within the fashion industry.

Using Instagram and YouTube to share her favourite outfits, fashion hacks and seasonal trends, Lydia also posts clothing hauls, try-on videos and often brings her followers along for a shopping spree.

Also popular within the beauty-sphere, Lydia has worked with many global brands, regularly reviewing makeup and skincare products as well as sharing her beauty routines.

After moving to a secluded house in the countryside, Lydia and her husband Ali, have spent much of their time updating and renovating their luxurious abode. From lavish dressing rooms, chic and elegant hallways to an outside kitchen, the pair have well and truly made their mark on the homes and interiors industry. With a dedicated Instagram account for all thing’s home, Lydia’s style is nothing short of glamorous, providing inspiration to her large and loyal following.

Lydia often shares her health and fitness routine with followers, as well as documenting her travels to a variety of luxurious locations including Paris, Ibiza, Italy and Switzerland. 

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