World Mental Health Day

Tuesday marked #WorldMentalHealthDay. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the campaign seeks to help remove the stigma that is still, to this day, attached to mental health by encouraging people to lend an ear to those that might be suffering in silence.

When it comes to mental health, one in four people can be affected and whilst in the past, it has been a taboo topic, the popularity of social media and the help of many influencers such as Zoella and Mark Ferris, speaking out about mental health is now being encouraged and supported.

A number of influencers have gone a step further and collaborated with brands to support mental health campaigns and here are three that stood out the most. 

1. Chris Hughes and Topman ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’ Campaign

The most recent mental health campaign was launched on Tuesday in association with #WorldMentalHealthDay between Topman, Love Island Star, Chris Hughes and male suicide prevention charity The Calm Zone. The campaign got everyone talking before the day when it was revealed that Topman were releasing a water bottle with a drop of one of Chris’ tears. The ‘L’Eau de Chris’ campaign is all about teaching others that it’s important to not bottle up your emotions.

2. #IAmWhole

In October 2016 for #WorldMentalHealthDay, Rizzle Kicks star Jordan Stephens, James Corden and Ed Sheeran amongst other celebrities all teamed up with YMCA for an anti-stigma campaign where they featured in a video. The video not only featured high-profile celebrities but also young members of the public, demonstrating that anybody can have mental health disorders and it’s okay to share it.

3. #HereForYou

In May 2017 photo sharing social media platform, Instagram, launched their own #HereForYou campaign, in an effort to encourage people to share their mental health stories on Instagram to show that it’s okay to talk about it. 

Alongside these campaigns, social media has had a huge impact on speaking out about mental health with the two hashtags #MentalHealth and #MentalHealthAwareness having a combined engagement of 4,520,571 on Instagram alone.


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