#weddingday – social media is the new plus one

#weddingday – social media is the new plus one

It’s no secret that Millennials spend much of their time scrolling through their Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds on a daily basis, but now as these Millennials are reaching the point of getting married, they are even logging into their social media on the biggest day of their lives.

Using social media pre, during and post-wedding is becoming more and more common, with a staggering 84% of people those surveyed in a study by Onbuy.com using social media on their wedding day.

Many even take it a step further, by incorporating the use of social media into their wedding and encouraging their guests to use it.

One of the most popular wedding trends at the moment is to create a unique hashtag for the day. This can then be used by guests to post photos and videos, and such is the popularity, 64% of brides and grooms have a wedding hashtag – a figure which is sure to rise as the trend’s popularity increases.

Snapchat’s ‘my story’ feature and Instagram ‘stories’ make sharing wedding days easy and helps excited brides and grooms share their experiences.

Pre and post wedding…

Of course, all marriages begin with an engagement, and proposals are now being captured and shared on social media platforms. In fact 78% of those surveyed by  Onbuy.com announce their engagement on social media. In fact, the hashtags #shesaidyes and #heputaringonit have gained a combined total of over 103,000 posts on Instagram alone!

Everyone has heard of post-holiday blues, but now with the amount of time, effort and money that goes into a wedding day, post-wedding blues is a thing. Social media is a way for couples to re-live their memories from the day.

Giving her opinion on these recent statistics, is social media influencer and bride-to-be Becky Sheeran, known to her audience as Talk Becky Talk. Becky recently got engaged and posted a video on her YouTube channel announcing her engagement – the video gained over 41,000 views.

She said: “The many platforms available are great for countless reasons and I believe wedding days is one of them. The idea of the hashtag for example is a great one in my opinion. In the click of a button the bride and groom can access photos from their day and can see moments that were captured that they may have missed. I recently got engaged, and while I will not be glued to my phone, I am confident in that social media will be included in some way in my wedding day.”

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