Influencers in the Headlines

Influencers in the Headlines

As many celebrities will confirm, being in the public eye can leave you open to criticism and media backlash. 

And now, with their popularity growing, influencers are taking over the headlines. While generally positive, there are some instances where an influencer can come under fire. 

This week has seen YouTube star Zoella become the centre of a media furore as she faced great controversy surrounding her “overpriced” £50 Christmas advent calendar. 


Always wanting to delight her audiencs with new and exciting product launches, earlier this year Zoella released a stunning range of Christmas goodies, including an advent calendar. Available exclusively at Boots, the calendar was priced at £50. This week, complaints were made by parents stating that the calendar was too pricey. Boots have since reduced the cost of the calendar.

Other influencers that have come under fire include Jeffree Star and Kendall Jenner.

Jeffree Star

Beauty influencer, Jeffree Star, has sparked many media storms in the past, with his most recent one earlier this year. However, his prominence in the online world, and 5.5 million YouTube subscribers see him often override the controversy and maintain his successful career and following. 

Also in the spotlight for the wrong reasons was Kendall Jenner who starred in arguably the most controversial advert of 2017. 

Kendall Jenner

Working in association with Kendall, Pepsi released an advert that was taken off TV screens everywhere, almost immediately as it was argued to be trivialising demonstrations that tackle social justice. However, due to her following, popularity and influence on her vast audience, Pepsi took the wrath of the media while Kendall dissociated herself with the brand and rightfully maintained her reputation. 

With great pressure on them to be role models to their fans, it seems almost inevitable that media controversy is something most high-profile influencers will face at some point in their careers.

While no influencer can predict when a story will be publicised about them, they can prepare for these types of situations. One such way of doing so is hiring a management agency. Able to initiate damage control at any time, release statements to the press and maintain the reputation of the influencer, a professional management agency has the skills and ability to ensure no long-term damage is done to an influencer’s personal brand. 

Influencer Matchmaker can do just that. With an expert team on board, they can oversee all aspects of an influencer’s career. 

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