Alfie Deyes releases third book in The Pointless Book series

Alfie Deyes Pointless Book Series

Alfie Deyes, better known as Pointless Blog, is one of the greatest success stories of YouTube. The social media star has a combined subscriber total of over 10 million across his three YouTube channels, and, such is his popularity, he is now a best-selling author, who has just released the third book in his hugely popular Pointless Book series.

The first two Pointless Books were an enormous success, with the first book holding the position of number one bestseller in the UK for an impressive 18 weeks. The third book is a similar style to the previous two, with challenges and activities for readers to complete, including designing tattoos, writing compliments and making origami out of a page ripped from the book, while reading all about what Alfie gets up to.

Pointless Book #3 also comes with an app that has exciting and exclusive digital content for readers and fans of the Pointless Blog. The previous Pointless Book apps have a total of over 400,000 combined downloads. The book can be bought from most major book stores, and has already held top place on Amazon’s Humour Collections and anthologies list.

As well as the Pointless Book series, Alfie wrote ‘The Scrapbook of My Life’ which was released in March 2015 and was an interactive autobiography that allowed readers to record their own lives alongside Alfie’s by filling in stats and facts and sticking in pictures. The book included photos and stories from Alfie’s childhood, and was a more personal look into how he rose from his humble beginnings to a global YouTube star. 

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