5 Influencers to look out for!

5 Influencers to look out for!

From what first started as a hobby to share thoughts and opinions, blogging is now a worldwide phenomenon with people everywhere setting up their own blogs. Whether it be a new videogame, travel hotspots or foods for recipes, brands are now turning to these popular bloggers to help increase their market presence. With brand and blogger collaborations being a trend that’s here to stay, we thought we’d put together our top five upcoming bloggers that your brand could benefit from working with.

1. Fuss Free Flavours

Facebook - 8.9K

Twitter - 23.4K

Instagram - 38.9K

Fuss Free Flavours started her food blog in early 2007, 10 years later she’s now working with top brands from the likes of Nature Valley, Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn and The Laughing Cow.

2. Mini Travellers

Facebook - 10.4K

Twitter - 12.1K

Instagram - 13.1K

This family of five are avid travellers who document their travels from the likes of Greece, Disney, Wales and the Caribbean. The family have worked with some of the most recognised brands around including, Ford, LTA and Penguin Books.

3. The Runner Beans

Facebook - 1.7K

Twitter - 11.3K

Instagram - 12.5K

The Runner Beans is one of our most popular choices for fitness blogging as she aims to make fitness and healthy eating realistic, ensuring users don’t miss out good things in life. Working with the likes of Adidas, Bupa and New Balance, Charlie has completed multiple marathons whilst getting to travel the globe.

4. Life According to Mrs Shilts

Facebook - 4.3K

Twitter - 9.3K

Instagram - 9.1K

Lifestyle blogging has become more and more popular over the past five years, and Life According to Mrs Shilts has to be one of our top choices. Emma has worked with numerous brands such as Huggies and Rowntree’s and was also chosen for ‘Blogger of the Month’ in January 2017 thanks to Tots100.

5. NitroLukeDX

YouTube - 327,785

Twitter - 7,468

Instagram - 3.3k

More brands are now starting to notice the popularity of gamer influencers. Having worked with brands such as Amazon Prime and Lego, NitroLukeDX has our vote for one of the top five upcoming influencers.

The world of influencers is rapidly changing so, whether you’re a brand or an influencer looking to make the perfect partnership, make sure you contact us on- aneate@influencermatchmaker.co.uk or 02039 580427