Megan Mosley | 30th October 2019
Get the latest news on the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collaboration - The Conspiracy Collection. Find out more today!
Megan Mosley | 23rd October 2019
The social media video app has also ventured into the UK market and has a number of UK ambassadors, but is it right for your brand?
Megan Mosley | 17th October 2019
Using a well-known public figure or celebrity to endorse and promote a brand or business, certainly isn't anything new. For decades, brands have been using famous faces as a means of advertising. However, in more recent years there has been a shift…
Emma Richardson | 08th October 2019
As one of the most lucrative sub-sections of YouTube, gaming influencers a becoming a global phenomenon. Here are 10 of the biggest online gamers to look out for!