Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star: The Conspiracy Collection

Megan Mosley
Digital Copywriter

It has been one of the most talked about collaborations of the entire year and it is now time to see the collection - and just in time for Christmas! 

Back in January, Jeffree Star announced that he was working on a collection with Shane Dawson.

Jeffree is one of the biggest modern day celebrities within the online makeup world. As the founder of his own cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, he has well and truly made his mark on the beauty industry.

Shane is a world-famous YouTuber, most known for his conspiracy theories and YouTube documentary series. The pair have teamed up to create one of the most sought-after makeup collections of 2019 - named The Conspiracy Collection, centred around Shane's well-known sayings and success with conspiracy theories.


Following the success of their previous series, The Secret World of Jeffree Star, the YouTube stars have documented the almost year-long process. From creating the initial idea, shade names, cost of goods, percentage breakdowns and potential profit, they discuss it all.

The documentary series will consist of six parts, so here is a little breakdown of what has happened up to now.

Episode One: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Shane and Jeffree discuss the possibility of a makeup collection.

Learning all there is to know about the online beauty world ahead of their launch, Shane attended a huge meet and greet with Jeffree.

Shane gets the low-down on all of the drama and describes the beauty community as a ‘mafia’.

Travelling on a private jet and getting his own bodyguard, Shane realises just how serious the beauty industry is and that Jeffree knows exactly what he is doing.

We also learnt that Jeffree and the entire team wear JF merch - they are all wearing his name.

Oh, and Jeffree’s bodyguards shoot to kill - wow.

Episode Two: The Secrets of The Beauty World

This episode shows detailed discussions of the upcoming collaboration and what the collection could potentially consist of.

Jeffree explains the lengthy process of creating a makeup line, from manufacturers, shipping and packaging.

We see a completely different side to Jeffree Star. Quite the entrepreneur, Jeffree talks business deals, contracts and just how much money he earns - give or take a mill.

We find out the true cost of makeup and how Shane and Jeffree will split the profit. Eek.

All of the serious business meetings are filmed and we get to see and hear every little detail. Yep, everything.

Alongside an entire makeup collection, Shane has also released his own merch which is sold out in less than an hour!

Episode Three: The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star

Lots of Twitter drama.

*spoiler* - we saw Shane propose to Ryland and we are still crying.

Shane and Jeffree start to think of packaging ideas, shade stamps and they receive their colour samples.

There is a robbery and $1 million dollars worth of product was stolen from Jeffree’s warehouse.

We see some of the (half approved) shades and learnt some of the shade names for the Conspiracy palette, including Illuminatea, Cheeto Dust and Just a Theory.

Episode Four: The $20 Million Dollar Deal

We finally have a launch date! The collection will drop on November 1st.

We saw some potential shades for the velour liquid lipsticks.

Logos. Lots of potential logos.

The duo created the colour layouts for both of the palettes - yep, there will be a mini palette as well as the star of the show, the Conspiracy palette.

There will also be a mirror, a variety of makeup bags and a clear glass-like lipgloss.

We get to hear a conference call with Morphe and the potential of a $20 million dollar deal.

Episode Five: The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

The duo start to plan their photo shoots and commercials.

Shane starts working out and gets a personal trainer.

Jeffree’s BRAND NEW concealer was leaked before the announcement.

They receive their first set of packaging samples and we see the final pan designs.

We all need a Jeffree in our life. He is such a good friend and is so supportive.

We got to see inside the STAR VAULT.

Did anyone else see that cuddle at the end? Our hearts can’t take it!

Episode Six: The Conspiracy Collection Reveal

The moment we have all been waiting for - the collection reveal is finally here!

We saw the final palettes and the final packaging designs.

The lip shades, the lipstick packaging and allllll of the accessories.

Shane’s entire merch store sold out in THIRTY MINUTES.

Jeffree’s dog dies - *cries*.

Shane shows the collection to his friends.

It gets emotional.

The collection launches Friday 1st November at 5pm GMT on BeautyBay - set those alarms.

Check back here for the latest news on the collection.