The Rise of YouTube

The Rise of YouTube

From its initial release date in 2005, the life of YouTube and a YouTube star has changed.

If we asked you to think about YouTube now, many of you may think of PewDiePie, some may think Zoella and some KSI. However, if we asked you the same question five years ago, some may have said Justin Bieber, PSY and Salad Fingers.

Instead of being a platform where you can discover new music and spend hours browsing funny videos of animals talking, YouTube has now become a community which consists of a wide range of genres from beauty and gaming to lifestyle and fitness. The site now has billions of users adding hundreds of hours of content every minute, with some of its top creators earning over $15,000,000 in the past year.  

Since YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world, the first being Facebook, multi-million pound brands from the likes of Benefit Cosmetics, Samsung and Wal-Mart, are noticing these upcoming creators and using them for sponsored campaigns. The most popular brand and influencer collaboration at the moment is noticeably brands paying for a handful of YouTubers to go on an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic island to mark the launch of new products.

Brands are becoming smart and realising that influencers talking about their brand creates a huge buzz around their offerings and subsequently generates a greater sales return.

The YouTube phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down and, businesses should jump at the opportunity to expand their reach through working with a YouTube Creator. Influencer Matchmaker are an agency that pairs brands with influencers and can help form invaluable relationships.

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