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Joe Sugg is a hugely successful vlogger with over two billion views across his various channels. The beloved entertainer has amassed a huge following and regularly posts videos ranging from impressions to vlogs and even gameplay videos.

Born in Wiltshire, Joe Sugg became a thatcher before releasing his first YouTube video on the 7th of August 2012. Within two years, his ThatcherJoe channel grew to two million subscribers and this trailblazer took to creating daily content to keep his legion of fans entertained. He now boasts over 8 million subscribers on his main channel with a further 3 million following ThatcherJoeVlogs and 1.8 million following his gaming channel, ThatcherJoeGames. His videos vary greatly but popular themes include challenges with other YouTubers, pranks, impressions and other segments. One of his most popular creations is “YouTuber Innuendo Bingo”, a concept similar to the popular segment on BBC Radio 1. His impressions are also uncanny with the artist impersonating everyone from fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley to One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Joe’s success has seen him work alongside some big names in the YouTube community including Caspar Lee and Zoella. Zoella, or Zoe Sugg, is Joe’s sister and has an incredible following on the popular video-sharing site with 12 million subscribers. With friend and collaborator Caspar Lee, Joe starred in two feature-length films, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA. These films were produced and premiered on E4 and saw the stars touring across Europe and the US working interesting jobs such as gondoliers and deckhands.

Off-screen Joe has met similar success in the form of his graphic novels. Entitled Username: Evie, Username: Regenerated, and Username: Uprising, the novels address teen bullying and family grief all within the frame of the sci-fi world that is influenced by the main character’s feelings. This beautifully illustrated series has won Joe a cult following and shows just how creative this influencer and artist is.

Joe has recently made the jump to mainstream media as he came second place on the hit dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing on BBC 1.

Joe is one of the UK’s brightest talents with millions of dedicated fans across several social media platforms. His face and name are the ideal addition to any brand or product launch. His influence speaks for itself as this talented artist has taken all forms of media by storm.

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Influencer Partnerships
Mercedes Benz

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