The Great British Bake Off is returning to our screens for its 13th series, and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to see what the famous tent has in store for this year’s bakers, but we know it will be filled with tantalising treats, manic tasks and utter chaos, all while waiting to see who earns the honour of a Paul Hollywood handshake and who manages to avoid the sorrow of a soggy bottom!

As with every other year, we’re sure that this series will also welcome an influx of food and drink influencers.

But, before it starts, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most famous faces to come from the Bake Off tent! 

Nadiya Hussain 

Nadiya is an inspiring baker and cook who won GBBO in 2015. Before the show, the mum of three was an aspiring social worker, and on GBBO she touched the hearts of the nation, becoming a well-deserved winner. Her career sky-rocketed afterwards, with her baking skills and uplifting personality a recipe for a successful career. 

She has released numerous cookbooks, as well as children’s books, and writes a monthly column for The Times. She is also a large TV personality, presenting multiple shows as well as hosting her own! Nadiya is ambitious, well-respected and adored, making her the perfect influencer for any food and drink brand.

Rahul Mandal

Rahul won GBBO in 2018, and he won over viewers with his timid and apologetic nature. His talent was clear for everyone to see, and his confidence was given the boost it needed. Before entering GBBO, Rahul was a nuclear research scientist, and he returned to his job after the show. He is a keen ambassador for encouraging children to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and is passionate about making a difference. 

His love for baking also hasn’t disappeared, with a monthly column for The Times and a cookbook due to be released. His Instagram is also filled with lots of recipes and tasty treats, showing just how much he loves to bake. His sweet-natured personality and his baking skills would make him an ideal influencer for any food and drink related brand.


Kim-Joy is the unforgettable GBBO contestant who reached the final in 2018. Her quirky style, positive personality and creative bakes were a pleasure to watch, with her iconic hairstyle and glasses combo a staple look!

Kim-Joy previously worked as a mental health specialist and likes to use baking as a tool to share love and positivity. Her career post-GBBO has involved writing three cookbooks and further exploring her passion for baking. Her Instagram shows just how much she loves baking, and is filled with a variety of recipes, all bursting with colour, creativity and flavour! Kim-Joy may be the boost of serotonin your food and drink brand needs.

Candice Brown

Candice was the PE teacher who only baked as a hobby, then became the iconic lippy wearing contestant who won the 2016 series of GBBO. Her grandma’s influence on her passion for baking has earned her great success, and she has been able to make baking the forefront of her career. 

Candice writes a column for The Sunday Times, has written her own cookbook, and has had TV appearances on shows such as Loose Women, This Morning, as well as being a contestant on Dancing On Ice. She’s now even opened her own pub, The Greenman Eversholt, continuing on her successful career journey. The glam baker has had an impressive career since her hard work in the Bake Off tent, and she will no doubt continue to thrive.

Laura Adlington

Laura was a Bake Off finalist in 2020, wowing us all with her incredible baking talents and tasty concoctions. However, since leaving the famous tent she has taken to fashion as a career route instead, leaving her career as a digital manager behind. 

Laura uses her platform to promote size inclusivity. As a fashion influencer, she likes to focus her content around encouraging women to feel good about themselves, helping with mental health and body image issues. She has even started her own podcast, Go Love Yourself, to further push for size inclusivity. With her fun, colourful and positive Instagram feed, she will make for the perfect influencer for your brand.

Crystelle Pereira

Crystelle is a finalist from the 2021 series of GBBO, and the multi-talented baker impressed us right the way through from week 1. The baker and cook can speak an outstanding four languages, and her range of talents doesn’t stop there. She’s also a keen singer and joined an online choir during lockdown!

Before entering the show, Crystelle was a client relationship manager, and had only been baking for three years prior to joining the GBBO family. She’s always been fond of cooking, with her mum educating her from a young age about food tips and tricks, and she loves to incorporate her travelling experiences into her flavours. Post-Bake Off, Crystelle has made television appearances on shows like Sunday Brunch, and shares recipes on her Instagram with her mass following – she would be an asset to any brand promoting food and drink products! 

Liam Charles

Liam may not have won his series of Bake Off, but he won the hearts of the nation with his entertaining and playful personality, which has earned him a successful career. He started baking during college and continued throughout university, sparking his passion for creating mouth-watering delights.

Since leaving the famous tent in 5th place Liam’s career has progressed massively. He’s released two cookbooks and writes a column for The Guardian, as well as making numerous television appearances co-hosting Bake Off: The Professionals and Junior Bake Off, as well as his own show Liam Bakes. Liam is also active on his Instagram, keeping followers amused with his funny pics and videos and keeping fans updated with upcoming projects. With his natural charm and baking talents, Liam could be an ideal influencer for your food and drink brand.

David Atherton

David was a health advisor before winning the 2019 series of GBBO, and he was the first contestant to win a series without winning the title of Star Baker in any of the previous weeks. His passion for baking began on a trip to Malawi where he learnt to build an oven out of an oil drum as well as inventing a cake that could steam cook over a village fire!

His career has taken off since winning the show, allowing him to release his own recipe books – a dream of his! He also shares snaps and videos on his Instagram with his mass following, from recipes to travels to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. With his likeable personality and passion for all things food, David is the perfect influencer to benefit your brand.

With The Great British Bake Off soon to be on our screens again, we can’t wait to get acquainted with the new line up and pop our aprons on to join in! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to work with any of the above influencers - they would all be an asset to your brand, with the relevant experience and content to support your food and drink brand campaign! 

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