How to Use Influencer Marketing on Different Social Media Platforms

Maya Odedra
Influencer Executive
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Back in the day, (well, late 00s/early 2010s), influencer marketing was a brand-new thing. Almost unheard of, it wasn’t long before it took off and became its very own industry.

Whilst it was kickstarted thanks to YouTube and written blogs, it has grown exponentially since and has quite literally taken over every aspect of social media.

No longer a place to simply connect with family and friends, share fun snaps and hilarious videos, social media has gone from being a hobby, to a full-time career, for many at least.

With an estimated 4.20 billion social media users globally, the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

And the progression the industry has seen has led to a brand-new wave of celebrities, TV stars and media personalities. Now working across multiple social media platforms, influencer marketing really has no limit.

We’ve come a long way from Bloglovin, and we’re sure there’s even more to come...

From Facebook and YouTube to Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, the opportunities for influencers, brands and consumers alike, are endless.

So, with that in mind – here's how to use influencer marketing on Instagram, and all other social media platforms – and how they differ.

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How to use influencer marketing on Instagram

Influencer marketing on Instagram is an effective and impactful way to share a campaign. With a variety of features and the ability to reach both a smaller, more niche audience, as well as people on mass, Instagram is a great way for brands to raise awareness and generate sales.

Statistically, Instagram currently remains the top platform for influencer marketing as recent research demonstrates that 93% of marketers plan to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

According to an influencer marketing survey from 2019, Instagram reigned supreme as most popular at 89%.

And, as of July 2021, Instagram had a whopping 28.81 million users in the UK alone, which we expect has grown since, too. And, unsurprisingly, the main demographic for such is those aged 25-34, followed by 18-24 – the average age of influencers themselves.

Instagram is popular for a number of reasons. It gained popularity due to its innovative use of images but has since ventured into the world of motion and has gradually become recognised for its plethora of features and functionality.

Now renowned for its versatility with the likes of Instagram Stories, Reels, Guides and many more, the platform provides various opportunities for influencers to create content.

With a number of options available, influencers and brands are able to work together whilst allowing the influencer to take creative control and decide which feature would be most appropriate for the campaign, while remaining on one platform.

Instagram is the best platform for influencer marketing if a brand is aiming to create a campaign that is visual, whether that is through imagery or video - both short-form and long-form.

The platform also makes it easy for brands and influencers to monitor results from the campaigns.

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Influencer marketing on TikTok

Although incredibly popular amongst the younger generation in particular, with 41% of TikTok users are 16-24 years old, TikTok is still a relatively new social media platform.

Gathering momentum during the first UK lockdown at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok has continued to be a widely used platform and is home to some of the biggest names in the influencer marketing industry.

TikTok influencer marketing is a great way for influencers and brands to reach a larger audience, as it is common for posts and videos to go viral.

Recognised for showcasing unique and one-of-a-kind content, TikTok, more of than not, creates trends that millions of people often get involved in - from dances and lip syncing to hilarious pranks and challenges.

TikTok is a unique and creative way of sharing content, however, with limitations on interactivity, it is best suited to one-off influencer marketing campaigns, or those hoping to reach people on mass.


Influencer marketing on YouTube

A true OG in the influencer industry - YouTube is where it all began, and it is continuing to go from strength to strength in the realms of influencer marketing.

What was once filled with beauty hauls, first impressions and pranks, YouTube influencer marketing has changed rather significantly.

It’s very rare an influencer will dedicate an entire video to a brand or product these days, but rather, they subtly and authentically include the influencer campaign where it fits naturally within their video.

Consumers and social media users are keen to see the reality of people’s lives, which is why YouTube and vlogs are so popular, and why integrated campaigns within such content, is so successful.

And, as the second most preferred platform for consumers to videos on (just behind Netflix), this demonstrates the power and impact the platform has.

Great for both short-term and long-term campaigns, YouTube changed the game, and continues to do so.

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Influencer marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter to some extent, are best utilised for B2B influencer marketing campaigns.

Many of the platforms’ audiences consist of businesses and business owners, meaning the way in which they are used differs somewhat.

Whilst B2B influencer campaigns can still remain fun and innovative, they do require a deeper sense of professionalism, which is what makes influencer marketing on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn vary from other platforms.


How to be successful

In order to run a successful influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, or any other social media platform, there are a few things brands and businesses should consider.

First things first, assess your business needs, your budget and objective. This will help you to understand what needs to be done in order to achieve such success.

Consider whether you’re seeking to raise brand awareness, generate sales, reach a niche audience, or people on mass, and using the information above, you will be able to decide which social media platform suits you best.

There are a number of ways to work with influencers, however the most effective is to work alongside an influencer marketing agency. Helping you to find influencers that share the same values and ethos as your brand, an agency does all of the hard work for you.

And finding an influencer that is already associated with the niche, target audience or even the brand itself, is key here as it provides authenticity - which ultimately, is what consumers are after.

So, if you’re looking to kickstart an influencer marketing campaign, get in touch with our friendly team of experts by emailing or give us a call on 02039 580 427.