Marketing through Instagram influencers has become a key tool for businesses when it comes to their brand campaigns, generating impressive results for a number of reasons.

Although traditional marketing techniques may seem more reliable and beneficial, the times have changed, as has the marketing landscape.

This blog will explore why influencer marketing on Instagram has become a revolutionary marketing technique, with the statistics to back it up.

Proving just how popular this method of marketing has become, a whopping 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing for their campaigns, with 9/10 of them finding it an effective approach – and that is only the start of the influencer marketing statistics we have in store.

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

An Instagram influencer is a social media personality who actively creates and shares content to their account, often with the intention of recommending a product to make a sale as the middleman between brand and consumer, delivering to a large audience of keen followers.

And now, Instagram is one of the most popular – and vital – platforms for businesses, with 76.7% of them saying they will be using Instagram as part of their influencer marketing strategy in 2023.

Instagram is so diverse with the way you can create content, from posts on your account to stories, which can be saved into a Highlights Reel, as well as posting a Reel for video content.

And, on social media, an influencer’s engagement rate is important, as Instagram allows for likes, comments, and private messages - all ideal for influencer marketing, expanding the reach of a promotion.

With marketing through Instagram influencers comes the ability to achieve astounding results, which is why Google searches for influencer marketing increased by a massive 400% in the UK from 2016 to 2021.

In fact, influencer marketing has blossomed so much that it became a $16.4 billion industry in 2022, dominating the marketing online sphere.

With so many platforms available, it may be hard to choose the most appropriate channel. However, Instagram is the perfect promotional tool, with a user-base of around 1.28 billion – ideal for ensuring your target audience will be using the platform.

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What are the benefits of marketing on Instagram with influencers?

With the number of businesses using influencer marketing for their campaigns, you would expect there to be some strong benefits – and you would be right.

There are four key benefits to take note of for marketing through Instagram influencers:

  • It can raise brand awareness

  • It can improve brand advocacy and brand reputation

  • It can reach desired target audience, or a new audience

  • It can increase sales

Influencers can connect with followers in a more natural way. So much so that 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations, compared to just 38% trusting branded social media content.

If you are aiming to target a younger audience, Instagram influencer marketing is the perfect route to take.

Not only do 72% of Gen Z and Millennials follow influencers on social media, but 70% of teenagers even trust influencers over traditional celebrities – showing just how far influencers have come as a trusted source of information.

If you are targeting women for your campaign, then you’re in luck. An impressive 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice, meaning an Instagram influencer would be an ideal avenue for promoting your brand to consumers who are willing to receive that type of content.

So, with being able to target your ideal audience, or a brand-new one, you will be generating that all-important and sought after brand awareness – which is what influencer marketing on Instagram is perfect for!

Of course, with these statistics showing just how popular and effective Instagram influencer marketing is, with their trusted and valued content, their ability to paint your brand in a positive light is hard to ignore.

With the understanding that an influencer would not advertise a product or brand that they did not genuinely like, respect or agree with, means that your brand reputation will be protected, and potentially improved, with the use of an authentic and trusted influencer.

With all these points, from raising brand awareness to targeting your ideal consumers to strengthening your brand reputation, Instagram influencer marketing can then contribute to another major factor – increasing your sales.

Being able to make conversions is vital, which is why it is important to support and nourish the consumer journey. So, with the right influencer, and the help of an Instagram influencer agency, your next brand campaign will thrive!

Get help from an Instagram influencer agency for your next campaign!

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