Things are most certainly different, and it seems they are going to continue to keep changing and evolving over the next few months, too. However, one thing that we can guarantee, is the amount of influencer marketing campaigns that are going to be filling our social media feeds. 

And that being said, brands and influencers alike are getting more and more creative and innovative as time goes on. Gone are the days of simple flat lays and standard product shots, but the content being produced for campaigns and collaborations are now of extremely high quality.

With the introduction of features such as Instagram Reels and apps like Adobe Rush and Filmm to help create such outstanding content, 2020 has truly been the year of technology – whether it was intended, or not.

So, here at Influencer Matchmaker HQ, we thought we’d share five innovative collaborations with social media influencers that have changed with the times as well as changing the game of influencer marketing. 

So, let’s get into it... 

Vodafone and the launch of 5G 

Earlier in the year, Vodafone were celebrating the launch of 5G throughout the UK and had originally planned a campaign that would take part in a number of different cities across the UK. However, as we are currently living in rather unusual circumstances, this could not go ahead, so Vodafone had to get their thinking caps on to adapt and deliver. 

Well, they did exactly that! Vodafone took the campaign virtual and turned it into a series of games, played safely from everyone's homes.

Vodafone paired up with five popular social media influencers, who all have such great levels of engagement and huge online followings.

Sam ThompsonMax GeorgeGemma AtkinsonTallia Storm and Em Sheldon all took part in this campaign, creating fun and engaging content to help celebrate the launch of Vodafone’s 5G. 

We really applaud Vodafone and the influencers for thinking on their feet and adapting the entire campaign to suit the needs of their audience and consumers. The results this campaign received proved just how powerful social media really is. 

The Sims and Joe Sugg 

This campaign was truly brilliant and unlike anything we have seen before. 

Fun, innovating and engaging, The Sims teamed up with online sensation Joe Sugg as part of their Play With Life campaign. The virtual game turned Joe into his very own Sim character – it’s got the look, clothing and personality traits of him, too!

The Sims rolled out Joe’s online character to everybody, making it available to download, allowing fans of both Joe and The Sims to add him to their own Sim household. 

This collaboration was seriously impressive, and incredibly creative. To turn a popular social media influencer, who has been a long time fan of the game, into their very own Sim character was a phenomenal way of raising brand awareness and increasing both sales and downloads of the game. 

Pretty Little Thing Awards

Image source: Instagram

Pretty Little Thing have also been completely ahead of the game and have been nothing short of innovative throughout 2020. 

Hosting their very first Influencer Awards, PLT had to make quite a few changes! From originally anticipating a live audience, overseas travels and acceptance speeches, to a virtual event via Instagram Live, PLT well and truly managed to pull it off! 

Caitlyn Jenner teamed up with PLT to promote the event across social media, filming a detailed IGTV as part of their collaboration. Caitlyn also won LGTBQ+ Supporter of the Year - so well deserved, too. 

It is getting harder for brands and influencers to create something unique and different, but PLT did incredibly well to adapt their event, and to create such great results despite the circumstances. 

UEFA and

This campaign was particularly impressive as it featured two brands. sponsored the UEFA Champions League and got a number of high-profile influencers and celebrities involved, too.

Featuring Jessie J, Mark and Elliot WrightJosh Ritchie, Jack Fincham and more, this campaign took place over several events. 

This collaboration was slightly different, as its main purpose wasn’t necessarily for the influencers to create content for their own social media. The appearance of some of the attendees was simply enough to spread awareness of the event and the collaboration.

As part of the campaign, some of the influencers took part in hilarious challenges which were later turned into a video to be shared across social media.

This was a really unique influencer marketing campaign, as it utilised a variety of methods as opposed to just one – which is something that isn’t seen all that often. 

ASOS and TikTok

Image source: TikTok

This is another really original influencer marketing campaign. Online clothing giant ASOS launched a three-week campaign on TikTok across the UK and the US, which was backed by their very own hashtag, #AySauce.

Also featuring a unique music track, in-feed ads and an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience with TikTok’s branded effects, this campaign was a huge success. 

ASOS worked collectively with Byte and TikTok to create the campaign, involving over 25 social media influencers, including Holly H and Love Island’s Luke Trotman

This campaign was such a unique concept to showcase fashion content and to use a different app that is slightly more non-traditional within the world of influencer marketing. ASOS seemed to be one step ahead by using such a new social media platform to promote their brand and their services.

But since this, many brands have taken to TikTok to share influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations and now, we seem to be entering a brand-new way to showcase branded content. 

So, well done, ASOS. 


There we have it! 

Those are just five of our favourite, innovative collaborations with social media influencers. And with competition rising within the industry, it is becoming harder for brands and influencers to think outside the box and be original.

What are your favourite influencer marketing campaigns? 

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