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Tasha Stones, a Bristolian delight, has been making waves as a contestant on the Great British Bake Off, snagging the Star Baker title not once, but twice in a row! Tasha, at 27, is not just showcasing her exceptional baking skills but also making history as the Bake Off’s first deaf contestant.

Reflecting on the moment she found out she'd made it to the Bake Off, Tasha shared, “I cried! Daryl (my BSL interpreter) also cried! We were a mess." Her genuine and raw emotion has endeared her to fans across the nation. Tasha draws inspiration from past bakers, giving a shout-out to fellow Bristolians Briony and Giuseppe, and expressing her admiration for Kim-Joy’s whimsical creations. 

Tasha's journey from the first week has been nothing short of incredible. The inclusion of Daryl, her BSL interpreter, as part of the line-up, was a significant moment, ensuring Tasha felt fully integrated and supported throughout the competition.

When it comes to her strengths and weaknesses, Tasha confidently claims bread and cake as her strong suit, while pastry and time management pose more of a challenge. Her dream Showstopper? A mesmerising funfair-themed extravaganza complete with mechanical moving parts, a biscuit carousel, and even balloon cake pops!

Tasha describes herself as a rough puff pastry, with a few layers and a potential for messiness, reminiscent of crumbs scattered everywhere. While banana bread doesn’t make the cut for her taste buds, anything mocha or coffee-infused is sure to be a hit.

Tasha’s journey in the iconic tent, alongside her trusted interpreter Daryl, has captured the hearts of viewers nationwide. Her passion for baking, coupled with her trailblazing presence as the first deaf contestant on the show, makes Tasha Stones a baking influencer to remember.

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