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About Casey Neistat...

Casey Neistat's success as a filmmaker and influencer has helped him build an incredibly vast fanbase. Delivering first-class video content to a combined following of more than 15 million followers, Casey is known the world over as a major name among social media influencers.

One of Casey's first video projects came in the form of a collaboration with the New York-based contemporary artist Tom Sachs. During the early 2000s, the duo worked together on a film series that captured Sachs' diverse range of artwork. Before long, Casey began to focus on further video productions, which led to the creation of his short film iPod's Dirty Secret.

The documentary, which shed light on the absence of a battery replacement program for Apple's iPod models, quickly made its way into the headlines. The story featured in several media outlets, including BBC News and The Washington Post. As a result, Casey was able to make his mark as an acclaimed filmmaker.

Several further projects followed, including the series Science Experiments and the Neistat Brothers. It was his venture into the world of YouTube, however, that brought Casey his most significant popularity in the digital landscape. He began to produce a variety of vlogs on a daily basis from 2015 onwards, quickly picking up scores of dedicated subscribers. One of his most notable videos included 'The $21,000 First Class Airplane Seat', which chronicled his experiences of luxury service on-board an Emirates flight.

A multi-talented personality, Casey also came to mastermind several other projects outside of filmmaking. He famously co-founded Beme - a video-sharing app that functioned as an alternative to the video-sharing capabilities offered by social media. He also announced his project 368 in 2018, which offers a platform for creative minds to come together and collaborate on a variety of projects.

Unsurprisingly, Casey has achieved further success as part of advertisements and influencer marketing campaigns. He has worked with a string of major names to date, including the likes of Google, Mercedes-Benz and Samsung. In addition, he also took part in Make it Count - a video campaign produced for Nike. Starring alongside fellow filmmaker Max Joseph, the video soon achieved viral status, earning him further recognition in the process.

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