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About Jules LeBlanc...

Having become a top social media influencer at just thirteen years of age, Jules LeBlanc is one of the most promising stars in influencer marketing. Achieving popularity as a singer, actress, and vlogger, her content has found appreciation from millions of loyal followers.

Jules initially rose to fame as part of Bratayley, a family-friendly YouTube channel created by the LeBlanc family. She starred alongside her siblings in a range of entertaining videos that helped the family achieve digital stardom. To date, the channel has racked up more than 3 billion views, giving Jules the popularity needed to branch out to successfully branch out on her own.

Some of Jules' first videos saw her focus on her passion for gymnastics. As her popularity continued to grow, she soon began to create content in several other areas. Today, her channel offers a range of videos aimed at keeping her viewers entertained, delivering lifestyle vlogs, makeup tutorials, challenges, guides, makeovers, gymnastics routines and more. With such a wide array of content on offer, Jules' work has helped her to build a massive online following.

Jules achieved further acclaim as part of several series, including A Girl Named Jo and Chicken Girls. She has also found popularity as a singer, releasing her latest tracks on a regular basis. Songs such as Picture This have racked up an astonishing amount of views to date, with hundreds of thousands of listeners tuning in to hear Jules' most recent musical output.

One of Jules' most popular YouTube series is We Are Savvy, which sees four friends team up to create a show about fashion, music and everything in between. Now in its second season, the series sees the group go on a range of fascinating adventures - making a valuable contribution to the channel's existing content. She has also continued to regularly collaborate with her sister Hayley.

Having picked up fans across several social media platforms, Jules has become a role model for those who share her interests, making her the perfect choice for influencer marketing campaigns. To date, she has already worked with brands such as Sonic, 23andMe and Cartoon Network. Furthermore, she has recently begun working with entertainment channel Nickelodeon.

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