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About Jake Paul...

Jake Paul is known to many as the young content creator who rose to prominence on the video-hosting platform Vine. Since then, Jake has established himself as a major player in the digital landscape, delivering fascinating content to scores of loyal fans.

He became a content creator on Vine in 2013 and quickly built up a massive online following. The platform was soon acquired by Twitter, who disabled the upload function for the platform's 200 million users. By this time, Jake had acquired more than 5 million followers, racking up in excess of 2 billion plays in the process.

Having already gained popularity with younger viewers, Jake soon also gained popularity with a mainstream audience. He was famously invited to attend a social media event held at the White House in 2017. Furthermore, Jake's entrepreneurial spirit also led him to establish his own agency in the form of Team 10. The project's potential attracted a number of prominent investors, including Vayner Capital and Horizons Alpha.

Naturally suited to a career in the public eye, Jake also appeared as an actor on the television series Bizaardvark. Broadcast on the Disney Channel, Jake famously played the role of Dirk, endearing him to an incredibly wide audience. His success in the broadcasting world helped him to land further roles. As a result, he appeared in the comedy film Mono in 2016, excelling in his role as Dugan.

On YouTube, Jake's channel offers a mix of content that includes, games, challenges, lifestyle vlogs, Q&As and more. In addition, Jake has also found his way into music, having created a string of songs and music videos for his ever-expanding audience. He has collaborated with several other YouTube stars, including his brother and fellow social media influencer Logan Paul.

An ideal collaborator for brands looking to take their influencer marketing campaigns to the next level, Jake has worked with a string of top brands over the course of his career. He embarked on fruitful collaborations with the likes of television broadcaster HBO, drinks giant Pepsi and telecoms company Virgin Mobile. Helping to bring a new dimension to their marketing efforts, Jake has continued to be a popular choice for all manner of brands.

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