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About Lexie Lombard...

Lexie Lombard has made her name known amongst the influencer community. Focusing on all things fashion and lifestyle, Lexie gets real with her loyal followers with YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Born and raised in Virginia, Lexie Lombard is an American influencer. With over 565 thousand followers shared out amongst her social media channels, she has certainly established herself as a leading fashion and lifestyle influencer over the years.

As well as posting OOTD’s on her Instagram, Lexie also shares makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, as well as other beauty-related reviews and content. Some of her most well-known videos include "What high schoolers are ACTUALLY wearing" and "What your mother doesn't tell You."

Lexie regularly takes to her Instagram account to post a variety of engaging comments that always see thousands of likes and comments from her loyal followers. From sharing snaps of her jaw-dropping beauty creations, fashionable outfits and even posting about trending political topics, Lexie certainly isn’t afraid to speak out for what she believes in.

With her passion and drive comes an influencer that is ideal for brand collaborations. If your brand is in line with her views, you’ll undoubtedly get a fantastic level of promotion from Lexie across popular social media platforms.

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