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About Olivia Jade...

Olivia Jade is a globally renowned YouTube personalitycelebrity and lifestyle influencer. With her parents being world-famous A-list actress Lori Loughlin and fashion entrepreneur Mossimo Giannulli, the influencer already has an incredibly wide audience, with almost 2 million subscribers and an impressive 164 million views across her YouTube channel. Being active on multiple digital platforms, her following extends from YouTube to her Instagram page, where she holds 1.5 million dedicated fans behind her.

Eager to get a glimpse of the popular influencer’s life, fans keep up to date with Olivia’s day to day life as she posts daily vlogs on her channel, as well as numerous fashion and beauty videos. Ranging from fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, hair routines, fitness and health guides, games and challenges and cooking videos, she is able to target a wide audience due to the diversity of her content. She collaborates with fellow YouTube personalities such as David Dobrik in creating entertaining content through challenges, games and pranks, racking up millions of views on her videos. Often including her celebrity parents in her videos, the influencer gains views from her mother’s fans as well as her own; her most popular videos are her annual ‘Teaching Parents Slang Terms’ where her and Lori discuss the current slang terms circulating around the younger generations. Keeping her fans engaged in her content and her personal life, the influencer posts entertaining content with her family and gains a stronger online influence.

Alongside entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, the Olivia also utilises the platform as a space to engage fans in competitions and giveaways as a way of ‘giving back’ to fans. Alongside her virtual life, Olivia has pursued an educational route, graduating from Marymount High School in 2018 and attending the University of Southern California.

Her influence throughout multiple digital channels has prompted various global brands to collaborate with the star. Companies such as Sephora, Tresemme and Princess Polly have partnered with the influencer as she promotes their brand and products throughout her social media pages. Her partnership with Sephora was advertised across Instagram, as she launched her own makeup collection in collaboration with the brand. Being popular amongst fans and businesses, this young influencer is certainly making her way up the entrepreneurial ladder alongside her growing online fan base. Olivia Jade is the ideal partner for business deals and collaborations due to her status within the online world.

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