The Popularity of Health and Fitness Influencers

Fitness Influencers

When it comes to health and fitness fanatics online, there’s certainly no shortage with the likes of Joe Wickes and Kayla Itsines amassing millions of followers.

A key part of becoming a successful ‘fitness guru’ is making clear and easy-to-follow advice for the ‘average’ person, to help them reach their fitness goals. The subject of fitness is gradually taking over the social media scene, with leading and showcasing an active and health conscious lifestyle becoming far more popular than it was a decade ago.

With tips, tricks and workouts all available at the click of a button, some may say that there’s no better motivation than scrolling through Instagram and seeing a health and fitness blogger’s workout video. Consumers with busy day-to-day lives are becoming more and more motivated by these influencers, who are changing the face of the fitness industry.

Here are our top three UK fitness influencers -

1. Joe Wicks

Having over 1.9 million followers on Instagram and 2.6 million on Facebook, Joe Wicks is without a doubt one of the top health and fitness influencers in the UK. Having a long partnership with coconut oil brand Lucy Bee, Joe is certainly not shy of working together with brands.

2. The Lean Machines

Friends, John Chapman and Leon Bustin, aka The Lean Machines, are personal trainers, nutritionists and YouTube stars with over 377,000 subscribers. The duo demonstrates through videos the fun that can be had when getting fit and healthy, as well as sharing their workout plans and healthy living tips.

The duo have also released their own book called Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome as well as releasing their own line of merchandise which includes branded hoodies, t-shirts and mugs.

3. The Runner Beans

The Runner Beans is one of our most popular choices for fitness blogging. With 12.5K followers on Instagram, she aims to make fitness and healthy eating realistic, ensuring users don’t miss out on the good things in life. Working with the likes of Adidas, Bupa and New Balance, Charlie has completed multiple marathons whilst getting to travel the world.


Platforms have proliferated over recent years and social creators have subsequently built huge followings, inspiring people to become more active. Powerful brands from the likes of Nike and MyProtein are seizing this opportunity and investing more of their marketing resources in social media influencers.


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