Britain may be small but it is a mighty island when it comes to the number of YouTube stars who originate from the United Kingdom. Spanning everything from beauty to gaming, these social media stars are taking the world of vlogging by storm; with their videos receiving millions of views from across the world.

But with so many influencers sharing videos online, who should you be following?

Take a look at our ultimate A-Z of popular British YouTubers to see who has the best YouTube channel and what you should be following them for.

Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog)

One half of the British power couple that comprises himself and fellow YouTuber Zoe SuggAlfie makes all manner of lifestyle themed vlogs and candid videos, usually with a comedic element.

Loved by fans for his relationship with Zoe, their pug, Nala and fun, light-hearted content, he has amassed a whopping 5.3 million followers on his combined YouTube channels alone.

BusyBeeCarys (Carys Gray)

The welsh sweetheart began her YouTube career as a women’s fitness and bodybuilding authority with videos on how to build muscle and get lean.

Soon snapped up by Gymshark, she has gone on to enjoy a career as one of the UK’s leading female fitness voices alongside producing fun fashion content such as ‘My fiance chooses my outfits’.

Carrie Hope Fletcher

With a vocal ability that gives her subscribers goosebumps every time she sings, Carrie is a British musician and lifestyle vlogger who is renowned for her talent and down to earth personality.

Creating a mixture of covers and daily uploads of her life, viewers love her casual candor and attitude.

Dan Howell

Youtuber and radio star Dan, better known as one half of Dan and Phil, is a UK vlogger who focuses on a mixture of comedy, music and mental health awareness.

With a channel originally centred around the premise of just ‘chilling with mates’, followers came to adore the duo and their easy rapport that made any viewer feel a part of the friendship.

Emma Hill

With a stripped back YouTube channel that is truly chic, Emma Hill is a long-standing YouTuber whose style has matured online beside her.

With a stylish and neutral aesthetic with expensive details and an emphasis on quality, much of Emma’s fan base has grown up with her.

Felix Kjellberg (PewdiePie)

Although born in Sweden, PewDiePie is now a fully-fledged British YouTuber who resides in Brighton. As one of the world’s biggest YouTube stars with an incredible 95 million subscribers he is the leading YouTube gamer.

Known for his comedic talk throughs of video games including big titles such as Call of Duty alongside emerging indie games, he is world renowned in both the gaming and general YouTube spheres.

Georgia Marie

If you like your YouTubers spooky, Georgia Marie caters for just that with her murder mystery and unsolved true crime videos.

Compiling detailed information, each video is feature-length and adored by all who watch it thanks to the level of effort and storytelling involved.

Recording everything from the big cases such as Madeleine Mccann to bringing awareness for smaller equally important mysteries, Georgia covers it all.

Hannah Witton

Just like the ultimate best friend, Hannah is a YouTuber who covers every topic related to being a modern woman growing up in the 21st century.

With a particular emphasis on removing the taboos of modern relationships and intimacy, Witton has even written a best-selling book, aptly titled ‘Doing It’.

Her videos are equally candid, however she always makes sure to add a dash of humour and funny anecdotes to keep things light hearted.

Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg is one of YouTube's finest, creating regular content in the form of daily vlogs, hilarious pranks and gaming videos. As a YouTube original, Joe has amassed a huge 8 million subscribers, putting him at the very forefront of the influencer industry.

Going from strength to strength, his debut book, 'Username: Evie' became the fastest-selling graphic novel since records began. Joe also came second in Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

There is nothing stopping him.


As one of the UK’s most recognised gaming, hip-hop and comedy figures, KSI also known as Olajide Olatunji, continues to grow in popularity.

Beginning his channel with primarily Fifa-commentary style videos alongside comedy challenges with his brother and parents, Olatunji now boasts over 20 million subscribers and a music career that has seen him collaborate with the likes of JME.

However, fans still adore him as he maintains the same easy-going London lad personality that gained him popularity in the first place.

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia is undoubtedly the definition of #goals. Alongside husband Ali Gordon, she gives followers a glimpse into her charmed life featuring luxury house renovations, designer hauls and boutique holidays, all presented with a surprising level of modesty.

Her YouTube channel is pure escapism and has content to rival even the glitziest of LA lifestyles.

Marcus Butler

Another British YouTube original, Marcus Butler rose to fame through funny video formats such as ‘things girls do’ and ‘annoying gym people’, he is often referred to as the ‘guy next door’ of the YouTube world.

Whilst he has matured a little today, Butler still has the same level of humour although the videos are presented more under the ‘guy talk’ guise.

Niomi Smart

The vegan lifestyle vlogger has been creating videos on YouTube since 2014 and is particularly popular within the cruelty-free community.

Niomi Smart is the go to for everyday recipe ideas, healthy food swaps, stylish fashion tips and hauls with an eye on conscious consumption.

Known for being genuinely helpful and sweet without appearing over polished and glitzy, her kind personality has seen her land a number of big collaborations including with Boots and Oasis.

Olivia Grace

Despite being the tender age of only 18, Olivia Grace is part of a fresh crop of British vloggers who are currently taking the internet by storm.

With ‘what I eat in a day’ videos, fun hauls and life anecdotes that are highly relatable to a younger audience, Olivia is making waves in the UK with her lifestyle that high-school aged teens today feel represents them.

Definitely one to watch.

Queen B

B is here to prove that women can be car and motor fans and do it in serious style. Hiring and reviewing a series of luxury vehicles from an uncompromisingly female perspective, her girl guides cover everything from racing to the best cars to buy for different lifestyles.

Think of her as a younger and more glamorous, female Jeremy Clarkson.

Rose and Rosie

Married British couple Rose and Rosie are a British lifestyle vlogging duo on a mission to dispel the myths surrounding the lgbt community and their rights to marriage and long term relationships.

They talk about their lives, play video games, and make up terrible songs on Rose’s acoustic guitar. They are warm, hilarious and unguardedly honest, especially about sex and relationships.

Samantha Maria

After completing a fashion degree in styling, Samantha Maria began her blog and YouTube channel and quickly became the go-to girl on the platform for help with creating high-end fashion looks for less.

As her channel matured, she now covers more life-advice themed topics detailing her experience with motherhood, careers and even domestic abuse. Samantha’s wealth of life lessons have won her an allegiance with so many and a long-standing place on social media.

Tanya Burr

YouTuber turned actress Tanya Burr is a jack of many trades. Having acquired a popular presence thanks to her girl next door and down to earth personality alongside an enduringly classic style, she has gone on to enjoy success in a number of fields.

Releasing a makeup line, cook book and autobiography, Tanya today boasts 3.5 million followers and her channel has recently gained a new lease of life after her announcement that she would be altering career paths to pursue a life as an actress.


George Boothby better known by his online alias of UKogmonkey, is a British gaming star who is best known for playing musical-interactive games such as Guitar Hero.

These are combined with short parodies that are loved by a younger audience of tweens, including light-hearted humour that is also aimed at this demographic. George has been a young British fan favourite since 2006.

Victoria Magrath (Inthefrow)

With a PhD, best selling book, column in Glamour Magazine and ambassadorship with L’oreal Paris, it’s fair to say that Victoria is one of the biggest bloggers in the world, let alone the UK.

Victoria’s hair colour was her signature trait at the start, yet her defining characteristic would be her enthusiasm for her personal brand.

Her love for global travel, beauty, fine food and premium fashion are all apparent within her writing, as she aims to create a hub for those who aspire and hope to be inspired.

Will Darbyshire

With a completely unique channel, Will focuses on human psychology and recording his life to show the complexity of modern human relationships.

His channel acts as a short movie reel of his life and it is fascinating to watch him as an individual document his twenties in great detail.

Showing everything from love, to victory and even bereavement, behind the novelty of it all it seems as if Darbyshire is actually conducting a modern social experiment of sorts.

Ted X Talks

Although not just limited to the UK, Ted Talks have gained a popular YouTube presence over in Britain thanks to their increasing inclusion of UK based faces and voices from different industries.

In particular, speeches from Maisie Williams and Iskra Lawrence have helped to champion the YouTube platform in the UK and give it a prominent viewers base over here.

Yogscast (Lewis and Simon)

Based in Bristol, the Yogscast guys are a leading UK based gaming community.

The group had their roots in videos about the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, but rose to popularity with their play-through of the sandbox game Minecraft and their self-produced role-playing series Shadow of Israphel that aims to remove the stigma surrounding fantasy games.

They are also known for their annual Christmas live streaming charity drive.


Would any British YouTuber list be complete without international phenomenon Zoe Sugg? Boasting around 12 million subscribers, she is the ultimate teen ideal of the digital generation thanks to her hauls and makeup tutorials that the star has been uploading from the tender age of 19.

One beauty line, three books and countless lucrative sponsorships and magazine covers later and Zoella’s format has taken a more casual turn with lifestyle vlogs that feature the likes of boyfriend Alfie Deyes and brother, fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg.

Zoella is known as THE British YouTube icon by audiences all over the world.

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