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Megan Micklewright has emerged as a talented financial influencer, leveraging her life experiences and entrepreneurial spirit to guide others in savvy spending and income generation. Launching her blog as an extension of her Instagram page in September 2021, Megan’s journey into the world of financial advice began during her maternity leave. The birth of her daughter in May 2021, coupled with the challenges of managing Statutory Maternity Pay, inspired her to seek additional income streams, a journey she decided to share publicly.

Growing up in a single-parent household, Megan developed a knack for being money-savvy from an early age. Her approach to finances is two-fold: saving money and making money. She prides herself on never paying full price for purchases, a habit that not only gave rise to her moniker ‘savvy spender’ but also significantly bolstered her savings over the years. This inclination towards frugality is complemented by her entrepreneurial ventures, which began as early as 13 years old when she started selling personalised bracelets at school.

Megan's entrepreneurial spirit didn't wane as she grew older. She ventured into various businesses, including forever flower arrangements, baby shower setups, and a vegan bakery. While these enterprises were profitable, her passion lay elsewhere, leading her to her current focus: making money online and blogging about financial management.

Today, Megan thrives in the digital sphere, guiding others on how to save, make, and invest money. She emphasises that what works for her might not work for everyone, encouraging her followers to explore various options to find what best suits their lifestyles. Her income streams are diverse, encompassing survey sites, website testing, market research studies, mystery shopping, and refer-a-friend schemes. Megan's philosophy is rooted in the belief that the effort put into these 'side hustles' directly correlates with the financial rewards, a principle she has successfully applied to her own life. With her practical advice and personal experiences, Megan Micklewright stands as a beacon for those navigating the complex world of personal finance.

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