Influencer Marketing - The Modern Way To Advertise


70% of teenage consumers are more likely to purchase a product endorsed by a non-celebrity blogger than a celebrity. This is due to their rising popularity over the past five years. Brands who need to ensure their advertising campaigns target this percentage of people are now calling on some of the top social media influencers to help gain maximum impact.

The world of marketing is changing. Rather than seeing high profile celebrities in mainstream TV adverts and billboards, we’re instead seeing social media influencers being featured.


Social media stars are now the most influential people in marketing, they’ve spent years building up their personal brand, allowing their followers to rely on their opinions, on products, services and travel destinations.


With influencer marketing being such a hot topic these days, here are our top five mainstream influencer adverts for 2017 so far-

1. Microsoft - Real People

Social media influencers are becoming such a popular marketing tool that even a $507 billion company are starting to use them to their advantage. One of Microsoft’s most recent adverts ‘Real People’ shares a story from everyday blogger and podcast host Emma Gannon who’s trying to make an impact whilst using the new Window’s 10 HP Spectre.

2. L’Oréal and The Prince’s Trust- ‘All Worth It’

L’Oréal are known for their influencer campaigns, with YouTube sensations frequently being featured in their television adverts, but in February 2017 they launched a never done before influencer led campaign in partnership with the charity ‘The Prince’s Trust’. With a whopping 15 celebrity and social media influencers, from the likes of Marcus Butler, Katie Piper, Helen Mirren, Emily Canham and Louisa Johnson L’Oréal strongly believe in influencer marketing making a difference in the world.  The ‘All Worth It’ campaign’s aim is to change self-doubt into self-worth and was featured all over social media and billboards across Piccadilly Circus.

3. E4 - Remember your first time?

There’s no denying that young people simply don’t vote because they don’t feel represented, and often feel ignored, so what better way to grab young adults’ attention than E4 including a host of TV influencers all in one hilarious advert? With a general election taking place mid-2017, there was a big focus on getting the younger generation to vote. The ‘Remember Your First Time’ 60 second clip features Made in Chelsea stars from the likes of Ollie Lock, Oliver Proudlock and Frankie Gaff all talking to the camera about how they popped their ‘voting cherry’ in a hope to get young adults to vote. The advert proved to be a huge success and harnessing the power of influencers worked to E4’s advantage with over a quarter of a million under 25s registering to vote in just one day.

4. Hollister- #SwimSquad

Clothing brand Hollister Co. are also no strangers to influencer advertising as their latest in-store and online campaign, #SwimSquad, proves. It features eight female influencers, including Alisha Marie and Eryn Krouse, modelling their swimwear. For the campaign, Hollister paid for these influencers to go on an all-inclusive paid trip to a tropical island to photograph their swimwear, and share on social media. Success was gained by this campaign through influencer fans sharing images of themselves wearing matching swimwear to the influencers with the hashtag #SwimSquad.

5. Maybelline- The Boss Life

Makeup brand Maybelline made a bold step in early 2017 featuring their first male, YouTube sensation Manny Gutierrez aka Manny MUA, in their ‘Big Shot Mascara’ campaign. For centuries, brands have focussed on makeup being for women only but with male beauty influencers at a rise, big brands are starting to notice that makeup has no gender limitations! Manny MUA is shown in the advert to be getting ‘bossed up’ with female influencer Shayla Mitchell. With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.8 million on Instagram, there’s no denying that Maybelline made the right decision when it came to choosing an influencer to work with.

With top campaigns circling around the advertising market, it’s known that these social media influencers are now becoming the face of top brands worldwide.

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