Birmingham has earned the title of being the second-best city after London, with its bustling nightlife, thriving music scene, and culturally diverse cuisine options. It’s home to Cadbury World, the popular television show Peaky Blinders, as well as having more canals than Venice – so it comes as no surprise that this city is filled to the brim with popular social media influencers.

Not only this, but Birmingham is home to lots of successful, well-known celebrities, too. Pinpointing the best suited influencer for your brand may be lying with our selection of Birmingham influencers. Whether you’re after lifestyle, fashion, beauty, or fitness, we have the options available that best suit your brand.

Social media is filled with sponsored posts and collaborations, and we’re often inundated with influencer ads on Instagram, but we often forget just how local some of these influencers are!

With that in mind, here are some of the top Birmingham influencers for your upcoming local influencer marketing campaign...

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is the well-known football player who plays for Manchester City and the England national squad. He grew up in Birmingham and is now highly recognised across the globe for his world-class football skills, as well as his striking good looks.

As such a popular football player and active Instagram user, sharing family pics as well as lots of football content, he is the perfect sports or health and fitness influencer to boost your brand’s success, particularly in the realm of fitness.

Emma Willis

Emma Willis is the Birmingham-born TV presenter we’ve seen on our screens for years. She’s hosted shows like Big Brother, The Voice, and The Circle, as well as undergone midwife training to work on the maternity ward in television series Delivering Babies.

On Instagram, it is clear to see that Emma is always busy, sharing the multiple projects that she has on the go and highlighting the variety of activities that are involved in her career. She also shares snippets into her family life with husband and Busted band member Matt Willis and their three children.

As a credible, popular and inspirational television presenter and influencer, Emma could be the perfect solution to help your brand thrive.

Liberty Poole

Liberty is known for her appearance on the 2021 series of Love Island, pulling at viewers’ heartstrings with her down-to-earth and innocent personality. Born in Birmingham, Liberty has since spread her wings and become widely known across the UK, with over one million followers on Instagram.

She taught lots of young women the importance of self-worth with her Love Island experience, and now takes to Instagram to show off her dazzling looks, glamourous outfits, and opulent lifestyle in post-villa life. She has even competed on Dancing on Ice, taking her career to the next level with another appearance on a popular reality television show.

Bradley Simpson

Lead singer of boyband The Vamps, Bradley Simpson, is the Birmingham born multitalented star – he can sing, write songs, play the guitar, piano and ukulele! The Vamps have been making music since 2012 and continue to be a popular and loved group.

He’s a fun, playful and creative influencer, which can be seen from his variety of Instagram posts. His content ranges from sharing band updates and tour pictures, to displaying his photoshoots and his stylish outfits. Being so well-liked and adored by fans, Bradley is a well-esteemed influencer for music and entertainment brands.

Kyran Nijjar

Kyran’s TikTok following rapidly increased in 2019 when he started the series “risking my life every 24 hours”, creating the funny, relatable content that viewers were after. He shares prank videos with his followers, as well as interview-style videos with people at festivals and events.

His content on Instagram differs from TikTok, providing more fashion-orientated posts. This Birmingham influencer connects with his audience in different ways, and this would make him an ideal route for advancing your brand!

Josh Ryan

TikTok sensation, Josh Ryan, is the former rugby player who’s turned to social media influencing. Originally from Birmingham, Josh creates content across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, taking the humorous route and sharing comedic skits.

He has also taken to presenting in his videos, interviewing members of the public and maintaining that comedic twist that his followers love. His light-hearted and addictive content makes him an ideal influencer for brands looking to boost their awareness with a contemporary, fun influencer.


Fashion and lifestyle Birmingham influencer, Nabiilabee, supplies her followers with content focused on styling modest fashion and the hijab, proving to be both relatable and the perfect influencer for women from all walks of life. She also posts about home décor, supplying another avenue of content for her audience and widening her range of themes.

Her content is both inspiring and educational, and should you need a local marketing campaign for your brand, a respectable and positive influencer like Nabiilabee could provide the ideal content.

Manrika Kharia

Manrika is the Birmingham-based reality star from The Circle who earned the nickname of being the ‘Comeback Queen’ after her sarcastic and sassy quips on the show. She now has a very large following on Instagram and TikTok, sharing a range of varying content.

On Instagram, Manrika shows her elegant, stylish looks and flawless makeup, and on TikTok she takes a more humorous, playful approach with her comical videos. With such fun and colourful content to amuse followers, Manrika is the perfect Birmingham influencer to boost your brand – particularly of it sits within the realms of fashion and beauty!

Shantania Beckford

With her success on YouTube, Shantania is now a social media sensation in the world of makeup. With a turbulent start to her career and her life, Shantania was left to fend for herself as a teenager when left in the UK on her own.

Her life took a complete turn when she started sharing makeup videos on YouTube, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers and working full-time as a content creator.

Her content promotes spirituality, authenticity, and positivity, and her YouTube and Instagram are just two platforms she uses to support the black community and broach topics such as racism and feminism. This Birmingham influencer would be a true asset to any beauty brand.

Vegan Girl Boss

Adina, more widely known as Vegan Girl Boss, is the Birmingham influencer who shares her tasty vegan secrets to create the mouth-watering recipes that her audience drools over. Her balance of creativity and positivity and her attitude to prioritising health makes her a loved influencer amongst the vegan community.

Vegan Girl Boss uses Instagram to motivate her followers to create tasty vegan meals, and with her growing audience she could be the perfect food influencer for your local marketing campaign.

With such highly esteemed celebrities and influencers all from Birmingham, your brand campaign can choose the most appropriate to match your needs. You may also want to consider other locations and cities, such as Manchester influencers.

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