The city of Manchester may have been built on the heavy industry of the Industrial Revolution, but in turn, it churned out some of today’s biggest TV stars and social media influencers! Perhaps it’s the creativity of art galleries, or the picturesque locations, but whatever it is, it’s now become home you’ll find some of the biggest social media names around!

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With that in mind, whether you’re searching for your next lifestyle influencer to kick off your promotion, or are seeking the expertise of a beauty or gaming influencers, we have you covered with these top Manchester influencers...

Molly-Mae Hague

Based in Manchester, Molly-Mae is one of Love Island’s biggest stars. Recently hailing herself as ‘more than just an influencer’, Molly-Mae announced her appointment at PrettyLittleThing, becoming its Creative Director, making her an even bigger, and more reputable fashion icon.

As well as her constant ream of envious outfit snaps, Molly-Mae frequently shares travel pictures of her luxurious getaways to destinations including the Maldives, Ibiza and Dubai, all of which strengthens her position as a travel influencer. As well as travel, Molly-Mae is renowned for her work within the hair and beauty industry, using her multiple online platforms to share tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Molly-Mae has also gone on to launch her own fake tan brand, called Filter. Which, in conjunction with her honest dialogue about her journey with face fillers, and getting them dissolved, Molly-Mae has become an advocate for natural beauty and an inspiration to her younger followers.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Whilst she doesn’t permanently reside in the city, Lucy and her fiancé Ryan Thomas have recently bought a house in Cheshire, and as her husband-to-be is a proud Mancunian, Lucy too, shares a similar status.

Lucy found fame from appearing on the ITV2 reality series The Only Way is Essex. And now, Lucy is now one of the most prominent parenting, and health and fitness influencers online, sharing parenting tips, fitness routines and motivational posts.

Lucy has also launched her own fitness company Results Wellness Lifestyle – an online platform servicing fitness and nutrition regimes for all demographics. Dedicated to body empowerment, Lucy has even authored her own book to inspire her global audience. And, as a mum-of-one, Lucy shares her experiences of parenthood, discusses post-baby fashion, and often provides fans with an insight into her beauty routines.

Megan Ellaby

Megan studied Fashion Communication and Promotion before working at ASOS as a fashion insider. Following her success, she created her own fashion brand, ‘Saturday by Megan Ellaby’ and won both Instyle’s Best Fashion Blogger award and Cosmopolitan’s Best Fashion Influencer in 2016.

With her signature love for the ‘70s shining through all her content, Megan’s posts are colourful, playful and bright, distinguishing her unique style, which was even showcased on recent wedding day.

As a new mum, Megan can often be found sharing photos of her and her baby, combing tenderness with oozing stylish cool, appealing to a variety of demographics.

Onyi Moss

Onyi began by studying accounting at university in Britain, having moved from Nigeria and is now based in Manchester. Although accounting wasn’t her passion, as fashion is, Onyi doesn’t regret it as it gave her the skills to run her own brand across multiple online platforms.

As a successful content creator, Onyi has won the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer Award and was invited to 10 Downing Street, to celebrate Black History Month in 2019.

Onyi’s style is classic, timeless and blond, and advocates for this timelessness for sustainability, a refreshing attitude in the world of fashion plagued by this issue.

Rachel Leary

Although originally being from Surrey, Rachel now resides in Manchester. Boasting hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, Rachel has a large, loyal, and highly engaging following.

With her main social media platform being YouTube, Rachel’s content consists of makeup tutorials, monthly favourite’s styled videos and vlogs sharing daily and weekly updates with her many subscribers.

Rachel also likes to cook, often sharing recipes on her Instagram. Her vast range of content doesn’t stop there however, in October 2021 Rachel launched her own podcast called ‘Rated R’. The show consists of Rachel sitting down with an expert and talking about ‘adult content’, putting an educational twist on the normally frowned-upon subject.

Kimberly Hart Simpson

Best known for her role on Coronation Street, Kimberly boasts over a 100K followers, frequently sharing with them her fashion sense and urging them to get involved with charities.

After having recently appeared on Celebs Go Dating, Kimberly presented a glamorous image, but shocked viewers by happily announcing that she buys most of her clothes from charity shops.

Continuing her sustainability advocacy, Kimberly now runs her own business where she upcycles clothes, called Hartwork. The actress claims she’s proud to be ‘thrifty’, and uses her online platforms to share images of her sustainable fashion finds.

Star Holroyd

Star made her name on TikTok, posting about UK culture and was commissioned to do a whole series about British slang. Flash forward, she has multiple social media channels and has quite the following.

Star is an open social media personality, sharing her journey and the business behind content-creating. Her content is diverse, with titles such as ‘Speaking in Egg Language’ to ‘Things You’ll Only Remember if You’re Over 25’, appealing to a broad age demographic.

As a fully-fledged influencer, Star posts regular images demonstrating her eclectic, colourful style.

In the Frow

Victoria, the face behind Inthefrow, is the queen of luxury living. Having acquired a PhD in fashion, Victoria set up Inthefrow and within six months, had already won the Company Magazine Best Newcomer Blog Award.

Within fashion taking centre stage at her wedding, Victoria had six outfits for the special day, of which she showcased across her social media platforms.

Having already launched her own collections with some of the biggest names – Feelunique and Strathberry, she recently launched her own jewellery line, further strengthening her position in the fashion world. A keen traveller, Victoria’s Instagram feed is filled with swoon-worthy travel snaps, as well as using the platform to share her love for beauty and interior design, too.

Danielle Fogarty

Danielle is a fashion influencer, dating British TV personality Ross Worswick. Known as the daughter of superbike racer Carl Fogarty, Danielle has made a name for herself as a social media star, becoming famous in her own right for her fashion-related content.

Danielle now co-owns a women’s fashion boutique with her sister, Claudia, with the duo often posting fun and engaging content.

As a new mum, Danielle is now venturing into the world of parenting, documenting both holidays and cosy days at home with her loving family.

Tom Cassell, Syndicate

Tom found fame posting gaming content in 2010, and since then, he’s become a global sensation in the gaming world.

Tom operates a whopping three YouTube channels: one strictly for his gaming content, Syndicate, and another to document his daily life, called Life of Tom. The latter provides an insight into his stay-home days, behind the scenes of his work as well as his holidays across the globe. The third, Syndicate RoyaleFortnite is dedicated to battle royale games. In addition to these three channels, Tom also created a Twitch account and became the first user to reach one million followers!

Also an avid user of Instagram, Tom uses social media to keen his large and loyal following up to date with his busy yet lavish lifestyle.

Image Source: Instagram

From fashion and beauty, to lifestyle, gaming and health and fitness, these top Manchester influencers are sure to help brands expand their reach, increase sales and raise brand awareness.

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