That’s a wrap! Until the new year anyway... Love Island 2022 has come to end, and it has kept the entire nation entertained from start to finish. 

This season has been filled with plenty of drama, tears and tantrums, but also love, laughter and friendships. Whilst the show has finished, we can’t wait to see what this year’s islanders get up to now that they are out of the famous villa of love. 

Each year, the show creates a brand-new wave of social media influencers and this year is certainly no different! Many viewers of the show have suggested that this year’s cast and line-up has been of the best to date, and we are inclined to agree. 

But whilst we eagerly await the islanders’ next moves upon departing the show, we thought we’d do a little round up of who has seen the most growth and success on social media so far... 

1. Paige Thorne 

From day one, Paige captured the hearts of the entire nation! The paramedic from Swansea endured her fair share of ups and downs during the show but seems to have settled down with former bombshell Adam Collard, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Not only has she seemingly found Mr Right, but Paige has also seen the most success and growth across social media, with a whopping 44,917.62% increase in Instagram followers. This demonstrates just a snippet of the success we expect Paige to see as she embarks upon her newfound career as a social media influencer. 

2. Luca Bish 

From his fish flops and his hilarious one-liners to his bromances and romances, it comes as no surprise that Luca has made his way to the top in terms of social media following. With an impressive 41,460.42% growth in Instagram followers alone, Luca is set to reign supreme when it comes to working with brands in the outside world, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him. 

3. Davide Sanclimenti 

Davide, also known as the ‘Italian Stallion’, has not only blossomed during his time in the villa, but on social media too. Having seen a dramatic increase in Instagram followers, 36,785.02% to be precise, Davide has also had quite the ride during his time on the reality dating show. Finishing his journey with his very own Drama Queen, Davide and Ekin-Su are set to become the ultimate power couple.

4. Andrew Le Page 

Despite having been coupled up with Tasha from the very beginning, there have been a few bumps in the road. Nevertheless, the loved-up duo have gone from strength to strength, and this is reflected in Andrew’s significant increase in social media followers. Starting his Love Island journey on less than 2,000 Instagram followers, Andrew has seen an increase of 17,674.77%, and we suspect it isn’t going to stop there! 

5. Dami Hope 

The last eight weeks have been filled with Dami’s Irish charm and witty ways, which we are sure has led to his social media success. With an increase of 12,431.42% of Instagram followers, Dami has been a much-loved islander, and this is sure to continue as he embarks upon a brand-new journey outside of the villa. 

6. Indiyah Polack 

With just short of half a million followers on Instagram, Indiyah’s Instagram following has grown by more than 4,000%. And we can see why! As the ultimate girl’s girl, Indiyah has been the perfect islander and we expect to see her continue to flourish and succeed in the outside world. 

7. Gemma Owen 

She may not have the largest increase in followers, but Gemma was one of the very first islanders of 2022 to reach the rather impressive milestone of hitting one million followers on Instagram. What an achievement! And this is a testament to the success we expect Gemma to have now that her time in the villa has come to an end. 

8. Tasha Ghouri 

As the first deaf contestant to be a part of the reality dating show, Tasha is now at 584,600+ Instagram followers – an increase of 3,028%! As an already established model and dancer, it comes as no surprise that Tasha is seeing such success on social media. This, combined with her bid to raise awareness for the deaf community during her time on the show are just a few of the reasons fans of the show have flocked to her Instagram account. 

9. Ekin-Su 

As this year’s self-proclaimed ‘Drama Queen’, Ekin-Su has been the ultimate source of entertainment this summer. Having found love with Davide, Ekin-Su and the ‘Italian Stallion’ have kept viewers on their toes, seemingly wanting more. Along with Gemma, Ekin-Su was one of the first two islanders to reach an impressive one million followers, seeing an increase of almost 400%. 

10. Adam Collard 

Adam has had a slight advantage as a previous bombshell and islander, and therefore already has amassed quite the following. But this time round, Adam has continued to rise in popularity, pushing his follower count to more than one million!

This may just be the final 10, however, all islanders from this year’s season have seen incredible rates of growth across social media. And, here at Influencer Matchmaker, we continue to work with both past and present islanders. 

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