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About Shantania Beckford...

Shantania Beckford is a Birmingham based YouTube star turned social media influencer who’s impressed us all with her makeup skills.

Shantania did not have the easiest start to her career. As a Jamaican immigrant, she was left in the UK at the age of 17 and had very little to no funding, so she had to find work where she could. This led to her helping a friend with a video shoot by doing their makeup, which then led to her eventually starting her own YouTube channel. 

The success she’s earned from YouTube has allowed it to be her full-time job, and this has progressed to other platforms. On Instagram, she shares pics of her travelling the world, her colourful and sensual style, as well as showing off her body confidence in lingerie, and always advocates for not editing posts and being as authentic as possible.

Shantania expresses her spirituality on social media and creates a space to talk about racism, the black community, and loving yourself. The positivity she projects through her posts is unmatched! 

Shantania uses her platforms to discuss important matters and strive for positive change, and she has no issue tackling any taboo subjects. A great role model and support for black women, Shantania is the uplifting influencer your brand needs!

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